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brazilians in serie A 1999-2000!!!!

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ERIBERTO:great young player born 1979,but nevere really had the chance to prove himself this year,mostly sub.
played for palmeiras before.

ZE ELIAS:very tough player who often get pissed off,actually one of my favorite bologna players this year.
but bologna have sold him to greece,dont remember the team.
have also played fpr inter in italy.

LUIS AIRTON OLIVEIRA:we can say that he's brazilian,mow belgian international but born in italy and neutralized belgian.has played in italy for many years but not really that good anymore.

RONALDO:you all know this guy i don't have to say anymore about him,now injured but when he'll get back again he will be number 1 again...

LIMA:eek:ne of the best players in italy this year,and one of the reasons why lecce is still in serie A,but he was sold to bologna and will play with them next year.

JUAREZ: played very good together with his fellow lima,i think he has played some national games for brazil a several years ago,now he camed from nothing and becamed a leading player of the team.

SERGINHO:sometimes very good,sometimes very bad.
i think he will be better next year,but im sure he was better when he played in sao paulo.born 1971 so he's not very young but he's ok.

LEONARDO:a key player when milan won the scudetto,but not that good this year,he was out of the national team when luxemburgo took over but one of many great stars in wc1998.
i think this will be his last year in the club,he's very keen to return to brazil.

MARCIO AMOROSO:became the topscorer with udinese,but hasn't been that good with parma,only scored a few goals in the league this year,maybe he was injured i don't remember.
but when he's 100% he will be very good again and probably play for the national team again.

ALDAIR: the lojal veteran who has been playing for the club since 1990,still in national team and still very good.
he sais he was going to leave roma and return to brazil in 1996,but he's still here and will now play in rome until 2002!!!!

CAFU:has a brilliant condition,can run the whole game without getting tired.a true key player and a very offensive defender.

ANTONIO CARLOS (ZAGO):known as antonio carlos in brazil,one of my favorite players,tough,strong and sometimes very NASTY
played for the national team in the beginning of the 90's and was called back when luxemburgo arrived.

MARCOS ASSUNCAO:started the season very good but got injured then and was out for some time,gave nakata the chance to play.now he's back and when emerson arrives poor nakata will not play too much.

FABIO JMUNIOR:was called the "new ronald" when he arrived but didn't show anything of that and was benched mostly of the times,then on loan to some brazilian team,maybe he was sold some weeks ago?
but this was very unfair,fabio junior is an exxelent player and will probably be a very good plater soon or later,itr was bettere to loan him to some small italian team in my opinion.

ANDRE CRUZ:was very good with napoli some yers ago but was a flop with milan and didn't like playing with torino so he was sold in january to sporting lissabon i think..
but he was current in the team of wc 1998.

PINGA:he was very good this year for torino,but they wetre relegated so im not sure he will saty.
saw him in a few games,but i hope you can give me some more info ze?
i dont even know his age.....

ALBERTO VALENTIM:midfielder who was good also,but didn't play many games,signed in january,need more info on him....

JORGINHO:not the legendary one of wc 1990 and 1994,this guy is younger,born 1980 but out on loan after only 3 games.

WARLEY:this guy is somethin special and i think he will play in the brazilian olympic team in september,he is young but should have played instaid of that looser paulo poggi.
he's a coming star for sure.

FABIO BILICA:also in the olympic team,pretty young but a coming star for sure,venezia was relegated but he'll stay in italy anyway.

MARTINS ADAILTON:was the rising star when brazil played u-21 wc in 1997,and was sometimes better than ronaldo.
nut he never becamed a huge star like his friend,didn't dominate in parma,psg,or either verona.23 played games 5 goals.very sad,but we will be back......

SANCHEZ CRIBARI:eek:ne of two brothers in empoli,played only one game this year.

BINHO CRIBARI:the older one born 1975,has been okay this year,and is a defender.
former club londrina!!

MATUZALEM:great youngster,one of the reasons why they are back in serie A,i believe he's born in 1980.
will prove himself next year in serie A.

CATE:im not sure if he played anything this year,but was a flop last year,when samp was relegated to serie b.

DORIVA:key player i believe,he played in wc 1998 for brazil,now he's stuck in serie b,but remember that samp was a top club some years ago.

MARCO AURELIO:great player but a little bit old,is set for his serie A return,former sporting lissabon player,dont know where he played in brazil,but he was born in rio.

PACO SOARES:youngster who played in serie C this year i believe,only 2i but this is his 3 italian club.
brazilian club:motagua

luciano GAMA:playing in serie c2 but i believe he wasn't a huge star in brazil either,but i think he has italian origin
played for marila fc in brazil.
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ze,i cant wait to hear your reply!!!!!!!!!
some players i have not even heard of ...such as Ronaldo?:)
But serousily I hav never heard of:Eriberto, Lima, juarez, Alberto valentim, jorginho ,Cribari,Marco Aulrelio, Gama.

NOw Ze Elias was my favourite Corinthians played of the decade. He actually made his debut in the same game as ronaldo in september 93. He was a 16 year old and Ronaldo a 17 year old! Ronaldo scored a goal and then Corinthians went on to win the game 2x1 :) Which he would come back to Corinthians, but his wages are too high for a player of his position. I think he gets 200.000 dollars a month! My nickname here in xtratime is beacause of Ze Elias...the REAL ZE DA FIEL!!:)

Oliveira, we Brazilians only started knowing that he existed one month before the naturalized belgium in 91, Falcao was teh manager and said that we din't needed him.....aparently at the same time when brazil probably had the worst team of history!:( Copa america 91 was awful , but we still managed second place, don't know how!

Serginho was simply amazing in Sao Paulo, have not seen him for Milan. His dribble is better than roberto Carlos. Started in Cruziero i think and hten was swapped with Sao Paulo together with Beletti. Sao Paulo gave, Palhinha, Vitor and some other 3 players for them. ANd then Cruziero won the Libertadores in 97 with the base of the players that Sao Paulo gave them!. But they got the money back by selling Serginho to Milan!

Leonardo is out of the national team cause he wanted to be captain and thought Luxemburgo was to stubborn, so then he just walked out 1 week before the tournament started. That's why Alex and Ze Roberto are stil fighting for the place in midfield....which should definilty be give to Ricardinho!:)

Antonio carlos. Played for Sao pPaulo in 90-91-92, started as a right back, then under the master of Tele Santana (best manager EVER!) he turned into a defender making abrick wall with the great Ricardo ROcha. WOn the Brazilian and Paulista league in 91 with Sao Paulo, and the libertadores in 92 in that historical Sao Paulo team of 91-92-93.Went to play in Spain and then came back to play in the new Palmeiras-Parmalat together with stars like Edmundo, edilson,Evair, c Sampaio, Mazinho, Cleber and the most arrgant manager of all time: LUXEMBURGO!they won everything domestically but nothing internatioanlly:)Then he went to japan, came back to play in Corinthians, was in the team that was almost relegated then went to Rome!

Is Pinga a bald guy???
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thanks for the reply you are a true moderator ze,im dissapointed with the argentinan moderators:mad: they never reply and when they do they dont say anything about the topic,actually they know less than me,and they are 3 moderators!!!!you are alone but reply on everything:),i enjoyed to hear what you had to say about all these stars.
my top 3 favorites among the players are zago,aldair,and ze elias.
some of the guys you didn't know was probably very unknown in brazil or still very young.
you might recognize some of the teams:londrina,marila,motgua?

[Edited by nasty nick on 26-06-2000 at 00:33]
Londrina , MArilia are very very small clubs. Never see them play.
Elber started at Londrina.
the ohter team i think you spelled it wrong...and i could not think of a team with such similar name!
thanks for the compliment:)
Czar know quite a lot of football though...Almeyda is a joker:)
as you seen i had to add some new points on the last reply!!
i know elber started with londrina,but he also played for milan:)but a very short time,will he get back in national team?
czar is good but i never se him nowadays......
Ze,you really like Ze Elias so much..he will rock in Olympiakos this year I feel.

By the way,it was not a matter of wages as he said when he joined Olympiakos.Olympiakos plays in CL,Corinthians dont...and he also said that he'll return to Brazil after 30.
whats your favorite team in greece amo?
is it PAOK?
whats the time in greece for the moment?
he should have come back to Corinthians, then he would go to the WC, in Greece he wont! It will be very diffuclut for him to get to the Brazilian team...but probably money is more important to him (as it is to 99% of footballers nowadays:()
Is he playing in the same team as Giovanni, Amoroso?
Is Luciano playing their? Luciano played for Corinthians for about 6 months, he was crap:(
Elber is in the national team...he is the sub of Franca. Elber din't manage to get one game for Milan I think. His problem is that he went to young to Europe and the Brazilian people did not see hiim playing in a big brazilian club..so he has not got that identity with the supporters, and he became very European, not good for our football!:(
Franca was almost ruled out, but he played yesterday and scored a goal, so I think he will start agaisnt Uruguay.
It gonna be a good game I think, brazil x Uruguay are always good, tense, batlled...tradition counts a lot. They are the toughest team that we must beat, they cause us more trouble than Argentina...they really know how to beat us!:(
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Luciano is crap...but he is Giovanni's best friend and translator and that keeps him in the team.

Yes,Ze Elias was signed by Olympiakos,Giovanni's team...

Look Ze,Olympiakos also signed Par Zetteberg,a fabulus Swedish player maker to replace that jerk Zahovic...if they sign a good defender like Ayala (Milan or Atletico Madrid,both of them are targets) then I think they will reach the CL.

Yes nick,PAOK is my team...and its 2.17 right now.
DAMN! Its too late I feel...

I dont mean that Olympiakos will get the CL,I forgot to put something cvery important between "reach" and "CL".The SEMIS of CL.Right. :)

Ze,maybe Ze Elias will havce a chance with Brazil since Olympiakos will do well next season.Not only in the Greek league but also in CL..he will show off his talent and get a call..like Giovanni did.
Giovanni just got a call cause Luxemburgo wanted to give him another chance...which he did not grab.
really, today, Emerson, Vampeta, Sampaio and Conceicao are miles ahead of Ze Elias, and Vagner (Sao Paulo) will soon come through, cause he is playing SPETACULAR football!
It's a shmae cause Ze Elias is still in my heart..he plays with such love and passion!!:)
Oh well,its not easy to be a Brazilian international...
I hated Ze Elias after that Inter-ManU game at San Siro..He played horrible...He had a one-on-one chance against the goalie and he missed it...If he scored, Inter would have advanced...but instead, manU secured a draw and went on...Of course Ronaldo had a horrible game...but he could barely run...His physical condition was so horrible...I think Inter got rid of him after that game...Well, I dont think he is an Inter caliber player anyway
Warley is dynamite! Honestly, this guy rules. He's one of the most exciting young players in Italy. I wish he got more playing time. Luxemburgo likes him and often uses him as a substitute in the Brazil Under-23 games.

Warley started one or two Under-23 games recently, but he didn't do much. Coming off the bench, he has been very good. He seems to have head problems like Alex, sometimes dreaming on the field or not running hard if he is not involved in the game. But when he is busy, he's great. He scored a couple of hot goals for Udinese this season.
Tony3,of course Ze Elias is Inter calible.For God's shake we are talking about the same Inter which starts Cauet and Gigi Di Biaggio!!! as for a bad miss on one on one you probably forget his goal in Moscow...
i hope ze elias will do well in greece,especially olympiakos is an greowing team and in my oppinion a great team,but they have been very unlucky to meet italian team 2 years in a row.
luciano i thought he was good?
how many brazilians do they have?
bad news:carlos gamarra could be joining olympique marseille
i will read the news later and see what will happens.....
Luciano is crap.He has good technique like every Brazilian player but he cant do anything else than take great free kicks.If he wanst Giovanni's best friend and translator he would play in a small Greek team...
Ze Elias is so good that he was in front of the goal to miss that chance....while the attackers and the offensive midfielders din't even managed to get near the goal!
Also, why din't Inter play Ze Elias and Simeone together? Also , at that time why did Ze Elias and Simeone had to set up everything, if their main cause for the game is tackling??
Crap manager Inter had that time...don't know how it is now
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