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Previously I held Barcelona and Sevilla high because they played very attractive football with Brazilians
Barca with Ronaldinho,Deco
and Sevilla with Daniel Alves,Adriano,Luis Fabiano,Renato
Now with Daniel Alves gone to Barca
who else has got rid of almost all Brazilians
things are shifting.

Porto has also played beautiful football
but also has gotten rid of almost all Brazilians nowdays
even if they have just gotten a very interesting young forward in Hulk.

In Italy both Inter with Julio Cesar,Maicon,Adriano,Maxwell,Mancini
Roma with Doni,Juan,Cicinho,Julio Baptista,Taddei
will be in the top but I never really liked their way of playing
too tactical.

Premier league has been coming strongly
and now also the Brazilians are coming
but I still think that the Spaniards will be strong this year
after getting some confidence of being Euro Champs.

last night I can report of a Fla-Flu collaboration
Former Flamengo forward Souza, scored his first goal for Panathinaikos in the Champions league qualification, nicely assisted by former Fluminense right back Gabriel, with a pin point cross.

Hoffenheim is currently leading the Bundesliga
and they have three interesting young Brazilians
in Carlos Eduardo(Gremio), Luis Gustavo and Wellington Sousa.

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CSKA has previously had many Brazilians
but has also gotten rid of many.
Vagner Love will still hold candle in Russia

In Turkey Alex probably will rule.
Fenerbarce has also players like Deivid,Roberto Carlos,Vederson.
By the way Alex just scored in CL qualification and also Luiz Adriano scored for Shakhtar!

In Portugal Benfica Edcarlos,Luisao,Leo,Felipe Bastos,Sinei,David Luiz,Moretto,
mainly a number of interesting defenders.

Otherwise its probably Belenenses whos has the most Brazilians in their squad
20 of 32 players is Brazilian,only 10 Portuguese!, most know players are probably the new Adriano Louzada and Evandro Roncatto.

Otherwise Nacional has 14 of 30 and perhaps most with 7 of first 11, a seveneleven store so to speak.

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What do U mean?
There are some interesting defenders in Benfica.
Especially David Luiz who I have heard good reports of
and Sidnei is a potential talent too.
Edcarlos was fairly decent in SP and he´s still quite young.
Luisao, selecao player, had some down periods
but hopefully he can teach the kids some things.
Leo, one of the best left wingbacks in his days in Brasil.

Moretto just one of the listed Brazilians in Benfica so...

Originally posted by Rodrigues
and if we're really scraping the barrel - Roque Jr.
Sure he has far from impressed after the WC of 2002 but still
he was arguebly the best central defender in the World Champion team of 2002.
and should not be too much insulted because of what he did afterwards.
He at least was at his best when it counted the most
and I still regard him highly for that.

Btw nice to see Willian score in CL qualification too
I really like that kid as well as Fernandinho.
All Brazilian scorers for Shakthar.
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