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Brazil out of 2006

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the bid was taken away today.
Also, Brazil will carry all the 6 votes of the 24 it had to SOuth Africa....and the African continent will back Brazil in 2010, as Blatter GUARATEED that their will be a rotative system implemented between the continents. This is good cause, since 78 South America does not receive a WC...after all we are the continent that have prodeced the greatest amount of top level players, and the best % ratio in WC!:)
South Africa should get it , as FIFA is dong everything it can to deny England the cup!

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ze, do you think brazil is ready (financially) for a world cup? i have only spent three weeks in brazil in my whole life, so i don't think i'm qualified to comment! but from what i saw around the glorious maracana, i don't think rio de janeiro is ready for a world cup final.

has there been any talk about building a new stadium in rio or improving maracana? (more seats, better parking spaces, wider roads in the area, etc.)

i think a world cup final in rio de janeiro, featuring brazil and germany, italy, france or holland, would be the most exciting event in HISTORY! i would quit my job immediately to go over there, find some nice girls and buy tickets to the game.
Of course we are falcao. We are the 8th economy of the world. We got more money than SOuth Africa that's for sure...we got hotels.....all we need to do really is take care of the violence and build some decent roads.
Hotels,. stadiums (bigest of the world)and airports we have them + the tradition and the passion that no other country has!
Ok guys, who do you think should get it between Morocco and South Africa??

I would prefer to see Morocco get it.The country is not so dangerous and the people are crazy about football! Plus I could go! :)
south africa..but i'd prefer it would be in england!
Nah, England will never get it, serves them right for not sorting the hooligans out, second tournament running, they have caused problems!

Why not Morocco??? Why do you consider SA's bid to be better?
Well, they got more money, they have most of the stadiums built up, inlike Marrocco who wil have to built most of them. Its a country that is trying to proovethat they changed a bit (only a bit), and is better organized than Marrocco
Well I disagree, especially with the new King on the throne, he'd organise a wicked WC...but all this is pointless as Germany got the bid...but a delegate from New Zealand has said that the German officials tried to bribe him?! Who knows??
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