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Brazil beat 2nd division team 7-0

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Brazil once again played fantastic in training on Saturday, and registered a 7-0 win against a second division team. However, Brazil posted a similar win before last week's match against Paraguay, which proved that such results shouldn't be taken too seriously.

The only thing that really mattered in this practice was the changes that Wanderley Luxemburgo made in the squad. Emerson and Antonio Carlos returned from suspension and are locks to play against Argentina. They replaced Edmilson and Flavio Conceicão in Saturday's exhibition. Roque Junior was the one chosen to complete the middle of the defense with Antonio Carlos, the new captain of the team.

The other doubt was who would replace Cafu, who received a red card in the last match. Flavio Conceicão, a defensive midfielder, has at times played as a right defender, but he was horrible in that position against Paraguay, and Evanilson took his place, as he is a true right defender.

With Ronaldinho returning from injury and Vampeta having played well against Paraguay, both were among the starters on Saturday. Ronaldinho replaced Djalminha, and Vampeta replaced Cesar Sampaio.

People have been wondering why Luxemburgo has been playing Cesar Sampaio, as Vampeta is clearly the better player, as he is a better dribbler and can get the ball forward more efficiently. Luxemburgo finally came to his senses, and will give Vampeta a chance to show off his skills.

In the first half of Saturday's scrimmage, the starters opened up a 3-0 lead, on goals from Ze Roberto, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho. In the second half, the reserves scored four more, with Guilherme scoring twice, and Alex and Marques adding a goal apiece.

The team that played the first half against Cataratas is probably the team that will start the match against Argentina, but Luxemburgo has not confirmed this. Dida; Evanilson, Roque Junior, Antonio Carlos and Roberto Carlos; Emerson, Vampeta, Ze Roberto and Rivaldo; Franca and Ronaldinho will probably be the team to beat Argentina.

The match is slated for Wednesday night in São Paulo. Brazil are facing a must-win situation, not only to improve morale but also to hand Argentina their first loss in qualifying and close the gap atop the South American table. Argentina are perfect thus far in qualifying, with five wins in five matches.
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Driver X, did you see this game? How? Voce mora no Brasil?

Well, the team selection looks much better, except for Ze Roberto. He has done NOTHING in the last few games. Several good moves, like Sampaio out and Vampeta in. But I would have put Edmilson instead of Roque Junior. Did Luxemburgo watch the Paraguay game? Roque Junior could be blamed for both goals.

Dammit, give Alex the whole game, not Ze Roberto.

Franca and Ronaldinho will do some damage. With Emerson handling the defense, Rivaldo and Vampeta will be able to feed the ball up front. Ze Roberto will be able to dribble in circles and then get replace by Alex, who will help win the game.
finaly he has found the right team
just repace ze roberto with alex and replace roque junior with edmilson.
i heard on the news that brazil played AWFUL against this team :( although scored 7 goals.
i have heard that if a team plays awful it scores one or two goals but 7-0 that while playing awful.
this stuns me.
that's what they said in Globo's national news yesterday, and they are alwasy pro-brasil even when we play crap!
i don;t know cause i did not see the training session.
No problem footbal is momentum, and the game will only be played on wednesday...that's when we will see who is a MAN or who is a PUFF!:)
anelka, brazil has enough individual talent to play poorly as a team and win 7-0, especially against some puffters from the second division. this game means nothing. wednesday against argentina means everything.
ooooooo........7-0 WOW!!!!!! you guys are superb.....hahhaaha can't believe the comments i am hearing. Some pathetic second division team not good enough to make it into that farce of a league called the Carioca? HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa only the mighty Brasilians could do that.......hilarious

C'mon guys get serious this doesn't mean crap.....it could be 25-0
read my post!:(
we are not talking abut league we are talking about training session!:)
hmmmm.....i see but it still aint nada to boast about bro.........
I din't praise the team about beating unkowns 7x0..who cares ?? they got to beat argenitna

The GOT!!!!!!! to beat argentina......gitters setting in Za? What is it just under 24 hours exactly from total capitulation on you part?

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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