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This is something JCamilo taught me

And i never forgot.

Its quite obvious when you see well.

The whole defensive LINE and central midfield and goalkeeper, Brazil 58 wins in roughly every position. The only doubt is right back. Which is a probably tie.

Gilmar >>>> Felix
DJama = Carlos Alberto
Belinni >> Brito
Orlando > Piazza
Nilton >>>>>>>> Everaldo
Zito > Clodoaldo
Didi >> Gerson

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That Said, lets see the offensive LINE:

Zagallo, Pelé, vava, Garrincha


Rivellino, Pelé, tostão, Jairzinho.

Hard to say. 58 had Pelé and Garrincha. This should be enough to say 58 is better.

Jairzinho player Very well in 70.
Vava player Very well in 58 and 62 final and semi finals..scored a lot in those 4 games.

Rivellino was a bit out of position. Tostão too.

Zagallo was more suited with helping the midfield.

And he was actually important in final games.

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Comparing their versions in each tournament and forcing no draws for me:

Gilmar 1958 > Félix 1970

Djalma Santos 1958 < Carlos Alberto 1970 [*]
Hilderaldo Bellini 1958
> Brito 1970
Orlando 1958 > Wilson Piazza 1970
Nílton Santos 1958 > Everaldo 1970

Zito 1958 > Clodoaldo 1970
Didi 1958 > Gérson 1970 [**]

Garrincha 1958 < Jairzinho 1970
Vavá 1958 < Tostão 1970
Pelé 1958
> Pelé 1970 [***]
Mário Zagallo 1958 < Roberto Rivellino 1970

Although Djalma stood out in the final, it was the only match he played and that unbalances in favor of a brilliant and consistent Carlos Alberto (who also had a stellar role in the final).

[**] I think the comparison between Didi and Gérson is very close. Actually, I think both are feasible candidates for the best player in each tournament, although I'd stay with the first one for a matter of style/technique.

[***] 2 versions of Pelé with very different contexts. The sparkling young forward who appeared in Sweden fills my retina more.

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Still 7-4.

What happened is one thing. But We want to know the Full potencial of the team.

I think Vava was better than Tostão. Look what he did in final and semi.
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