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match reports and analysis please...

I read Rivaldo scored two..did Ronaldinho Gaucho get any time at all??

waiting for details..

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Nice goal by Rivaldo, but the Equadorian goals were nicer. Vampeta, lucky to escape with only a yellow after that vicious, vicious tackle, totally unappropriate. Argentina won their match with class, Brazil were lucky.

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Well, Reuters thinks Brazil were sluggish, but anyway here's their report:

SAO PAULO, April 26 (Reuters)(DS) - Brazil recovered from an almighty fright as they came from behind to beat Ecuador 3-2 in a World Cup qualifier on Wednesday.

Modest Ecuador stunned the four-times world champions by taking an early lead with a magnificent goal by Alex Aguinaga.

Brazil turned the game around with two close range goals by Rivaldo and one by defender Antonio Carlos, but the gallant Ecuadoreans de la Cruz pulled a goal back late in the game.

The result left Brazil with four points from two games in the South American qualifying group, one more than Ecuador.

But despite impressive performances from midfielders Vampeta and Rivaldo, the Brazilians never fully got into gear.

Ecuador, who have never beaten Brazil, never qualified for the World Cup and lost the last meeting between the teams 5-1, had been regarded as little more than cannon fodder for
the goal-hungry Brazilians.

Aguinaga, returning to the country where he performed uperbly for Mexico's Necaxa in the world club championship earlier this year, had other ideas.

He stunned the Morumbi stadium when he chipped goalkeeper Dida from 25 metres to put Ecuador ahead in the 12th minute.

The fickle Sao Paulo crowd quickly began to jeer their team until Rivaldo equalised five minutes later with a shot on the turn from close range.

Ecuador suffered a bitter blow in the 38th minute, when the inspirational Aguinaga limped off after twisting his knee.

Brazil went ahead two minutes before halftime, when Antonio Carlos, who had stayed up after a corner, scored from close range.

The Brazilians then appeared to be cruising when Rivaldo scored again in the 52nd minute from a rebound, after Ecuador Francisco Cevallos failed to hold a header by Amoroso.

But Ecuador refused to capitulate and 14 minutes from time were under pressure again when de la Cruz cut inside his marker and scored with a dipping left foot shot into the top corner.

Vampeta, not for the first time, marred his performance with a vicious tackle on de la Cruz for wich he was enormously lucky to escape with only a yellow card.

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How did Amoroso play?

did Alex play at all? if yes,did he play well?

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Have not seen the game or the golas...will only see them at my lunch hour :(
But what a crap result....my Dad said that Brazlian dominated the whole game, but could not get through the defense block Equador made.
The crowd already at 11 minutes was asking for Romario..and in the second half asking for Ronaldinho Gaucho who did not play. Amoroso was lost in the pitch! :(
At the middle of the game the whole crowd were calling Luxemburgo "Burro" which is thick.....something that I am considering considerably. This result is all his falut and his lack of management......why the heck he does not put the best players to play??
If he complains that their is no time to train....why does he not put the Corintahians midfield with Marcelinho and Edilson, plus Romario to just put in the goals....it would be no problem!
But now he compains about lack of training and players not used to play each other and changes the attack all the time.....why change Ronaldinho to Amoroso in the last day before the game? So what the guy is 4 kg overweight....he can still run and dribble, if he gets tired change him in the second half!
Hoppe he gets his stuff sorted out, cause so far he has not shown in the brazilian team the sucessfuil manager of club teams! :(
Ok he gave us the copa america, but it was not good perfomances except against Uruguay in the final, and that games agaist Argentina....and the lst phase of the pre olympic with the kids. All the other games were average to bad! :(
He got the knowledge to turn things around.....but has he got the modesty to accept that his "professionalism" is wrong?

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ok, i saw the game. brazil completely dominated for about 85 of the 90 minutes. BUT IF AGINUAGA OF ECUADOR DID NOT GET HURT, BRAZIL WOULD HAVE LOST!!!!!!

in the first half, brazil started with total pressure but did not make any great chances. ecuador had one breakaway chance, with aginuaga dribbling in the midfield. he turned a defender one way (i think antonio carlos) and lobbed a shot from outside the box. dida was stuck in the ground. 1-0 ecuador.

brazil kept attacking, mainly with cafu and roberto carlos, sometimes rivaldo or vampeta. a few free kicks were wasted because they were on the right side and only rivaldo or roberto carlos could take them. (ronaldinho gaucho has scored a ton of goals from similar free kicks.) only one roberto carlos free kick came close, very close, one that stayed low to the ground and just missed the post.

brazil scored with goals by antonio carlos and rivaldo first. rivaldo wasted a free kick but the ball came back to him. he kicked it high into the area and cesar sampaio headed it and antonio carlos tapped it past the goalie. rivaldo scored later when the ball was knocked into the area from the left side. edilson did nothing with it, and it went to rivaldo. he chipped it in front of him and around a defender and then knocked it past the goalie. nice. 2-1.

aginuaga of ecuador twisted or hyperextended his knee and was taken off. he came back on for five minutes but had to leave again. all ecuador's chances disappeared with him.

rivaldo scored another goal in the second half to make it 3-1. everyone thought it was over, including luxemburgo. he took out roberto carlos, the best player on the team, and made other moves. alex played for 20 minutes, took one wicked shot that the goalie saved but did nothing else. athirson played well.

but ecuador kept attacking and scored another breakaway goal about 10 minutes from the end, and suddenly the game wasn't over anymore! brazil held onto the win by keeping control of the ball, mainly through cafu, edilson and rivaldo. amoroso didn't touch the ball in the second half.

ronaldinho started warming up about 10 minutes from the end but did not play.

brazil was NOT impressive at all. i can tell you one thing: IF WE DON'T HAVE RONALADO, WE MIGHT NEED ROMARIO! as good as brazil is, we need some players who KNOW how to score. rivaldo will score. ronaldinho gaucho will score. other than that, we don't know. right now, the only player we can rely on is rivaldo. elber, sonny anderson and jardel are not goal scorers for brazil. amoroso has not played for brazil in a year. sometimes alex falls asleep.
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