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AEK have signed Brasilian U21 captain Ferusem(?) , he is a central defender I think and he has signed a 5 year contract...
They also got Zagorakis from Leicester who is a very useful player and i can't understand why he didn't make an impact in England...

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I dont think he was the captain of the U-21 Brazil side but anyway.Ferrugem signed a 5 years contract with AEK.The funny thing is that they bought him for a defender but he said "I have never played as a defender and I have no intention to do it in the future,I'm a defencive midfielder".

BOOM! Thats a problem because AEK is overloaded at defencive midfielders with Zikos and now Zagorakis...

They alsou bought a bulgarian defender...Nenchev or something like that...
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