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el matador is a all a bit open..speacially cause I think hte olympic team will only make 1 warm up game before the olympics..as their is no time. I wonder what will be the scoup on that.
the team should be:

Helton (vasco)

Baiano (santos) Fabio Bilica (venezia) Alvaro (Sao Paulo) Athrison (Flamengo(

Edu (Arsenal) Felipe (vasco)

Alex (Palmeiras) Pedrinho (vasco) or Denilson

Ronaldinho Gaucho (Gremio) Reinaldo (Flamengo) or Giovanni (Cruzeiro)

+ add fabiano (sao paulo), Edu (Sao Paulo), Fabio Aurelio (Sao Paulo), Lucas (Atletcio-PR), Roger (Fluminense) and some other names
+ their are the over 23 players that can go..that is all undefined..it can be Dida, CAfu, Antonio CArlos, Emerson, VAmpeta, Rivaldo , Romario or Franca!
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