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People this is something quite amazing!
What do you think of that list O knowledgeable Ze!And you my friend Falcao and all the other great Brasilian fans?
Anyways, enjoy!
Viva Brasil!
Brazilian Football`s Future Stars


Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Brazil)
Date of Birth: ??/??/1980 Position: Attacking Midfielder Representative Honours: Copa America 99, Confed. Cup 99 (Topscorer)
Previous Clubs: None
Nominated by: Jorge Novis Neto
Location: Salvador(BA), Brazil
Comments: Leeds United offered Grêmio US$80 million to sign this fantastic player (speculation). That makes him the most expensive player of the world at age 19.
Nominated by: Ferdinand Klugt
Location: Lemele, Holland Comments: He is one of the youngest and best players for under the 20. That he played a few caps only proves that.

Fluminense - RJ

Roni `Ronieligton` (Brazil)
Date of Birth: ??/??/1979 Position: Forward Representative Honours: Brazil under - 23
Previous Clubs: Vila Nova - GO
Nominated by: Antonio Pinheiro
Location: Brasilia - DF
Comments: He has great vision, superb ball control, superb passing, very good skill and good shooting.

Vasco da Gama

Felipe (Brazil)
Date of Birth: ??/??/???? Position: LB Representative Honours: ?
Previous Clubs: ?
Nominated by: Henrik Johanson
Location: Sweden
Comments: He is better than Roberto Carlos.

Helton (Brazil)
Date of Birth: ??/??/???? Position: GK Representative Honours: ?
Previous Clubs: None
Nominated by: Victor Cardoso
Location: Brazil
Comments: A great goalkepper, only 21 years, he has fantastic agility and reflexes. Since the first team goalkeeper of Vasco, Carlos Germano, moved to another club, he had a chance in Vasco da Gama during the World Clubs Championship in January. With great performances in this championship, he guarenteed his place in the team and made the club forget about buying another `keeper. He is a certain name in Brazil squad for the Olympic Games in Sydney.


Leandro (Brazil)
Date of Birth: 19/04/1979 Position: Left-back Representative Honours: Voted best left-back of Brazilian League`99
Previous Clubs: América (Brazil)
Nominated by: Jorge Novis Neto
Location: Salvador(BA), Brazil
Comments: Voted the best left-back of the Brazilian League in 1999, Leandro was the best player in Vitória's squad, leading his club to the 4th position in the League. He didn't have a chance in the National Olympic Team, but I think he's going to play in Sydney.

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Ronaldinho Guacho is, without a doubt, the best young player in the game. I don't even want to hear any argument about Saviola and Aimar or any of those other Argentines, because they flopped at pre-Olympic qualifying. Ronaldinho Gaucho has led Brazil to sucess in two major tournaments: In the Confederations Cup, he took the Under-23 team to the finals in Mexico against competition featuring full national teams from Mexico, Germany, etc. In pre-Olympic qualifying, he was amazing, destroying everybody, especially Argentina.

Roni very, very good. He finally got a chance to play for Luxemburgo after Christian (PSG?) missed every chance in Confed Cup in Mexico. He played in the final of the Confed Cup and scored a really nice goal to make the game close. But he has not played some games for the Under-23 recently. I don't know why.
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