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BRADFORD MEMORIAL(fire on 11th May 1985)

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On a serious note about Sunday's game; It will be Bradford's nearest home fixture to the anniversary of their terrible fire (11th May 1985) which claimed over 50 lives. I'm presuming there will be a minute's silence. It's a tragedy that I feel possibly doesn't get the coverage or attention that it should do. (I mean, I don't recall the nation's stadiums coming to a standstill like on 15th April, to commemorate and remember their massive loss). I believe there is a plaque there, so like thousands of those who visit our memorial, do, if you are going, pay your respects.
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are they relegated or will wimbledon go down after almost 20 years?
I agree with Razor that this was a horrific incident and respect should be paid. I am sure that if there is a minute silence then the pool faithfull will give it the justice that it deserves.
Yeah, that Bradford tragedy has not got the attention it deserves. Keep in mind that the Heysel disaster occured only a few weeks later.

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