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No coverage on RTP, no coverage on ESPN, the PPV channel on my cable won't start carrying games till the Quarters, neither Portuguese club in Peabody is carrying the games, nor are the Irish joints I frequent around here, essentially........

THIS ****ING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to watch some soccer games, is that too much to ask for??? I have yet to see a minute of any Euro games, and I am doubting highly that I will catch tommorrow's game.

Razor, Bulletproof, and the rest of you Bostonians, where is closest place to the John Hancock Tower that I can possibly watch this game tomorrow?? I am planning on taking a late (very late) lunch, so whatever place it is, it needs to be within walking of my work.

I need to know, Thanks,

-A Very Distgruntled Soccer Fan
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Hey Penguin-

It's OK...put the keyboard down...easy, easy...that's it...

I don't know about Boylston/Newbury St. places, but you could take the green line to Allston and catch it at the Kells (who usually have it). If you have a car, you could cross the Mass. Ave bridge from the Pru into Cambridge (Central Square) to either Phoenix Landing or the Plough and Stars.

Forca Portugal!:)

I will probably end up at Phoenix Landing for the Saturday game...
Relax chief! Go to the Thirsty Scholar in Somerville on beacon st. or to the people's republic on mass ave in Cambridge! Or on Bolyston st. the rattlesnake maybe!
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