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What I like about Bosman is that he proves that "little people" can make an impact on the world thru conviction and determination.

Some will argue that Bosman changed things for the worse, because fewer young players get a chance to play in the big leagues and smaller clubs are robbed of their talants for nothing.

IMO this is all a load of crap. Football is a professional sport and players should hence be viewed as employees. If they want to change their jobs, they should not need anybody's permission.

The Bosman ruling has IMO provided the following advantages:
1. More power to the players, less to the clubs (all socialists should agree with this ;) )
2. Better quality football in the to leagues, with a more interesting mix of players and nationalities. What would Serie A be without foreign wing players? What would La Liga be without a supply of South American players? What would EPL be without dutch and french players?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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