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Our YUGO coach "Vujadin Boskov" is the oldest and the most experienced coach that will be in Holland & Belgium.

I most definatly think that he is just trying to make caoches (especially Spain's coach "Conacho") think that our team is out of form, so then when we play them they will always think, these guys lost to Hong Kong, so they can't posibly beat us.

He has coached both Katanec and Conacho so knows what he is up against, and knows the way they both play.


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Trust me Boskov has no idea what he is doing.
Why did he leave it until the last day to name his squad?
We all knew he was going to name that squad there were no big channges what so ever.
He should of have had chosen his squad before the Asian Tournament and then played ever match with the starting line up so they can get used to playing together but instead when we go out against Slovenia it will be the first time that our Starting Line has played 80 minutes together since the Craotia match and that was about 8 months ago.
Trust me the guy hasnt got a clue.

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I take this back!!!
Boskov is a poofter, and he is a f*cking D*ckhead!!!!

I just realised this after he said that Piksi was not to be the Captain!!!

Boskov is a F*cking Old Piece Of Jeleous Sh*t!!!!

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Yeah,...Boskov, who put his reputation on the line and works as a volunteer, cos no one else want's the Yugo coach job!?


I don't agree with a lot of decisions, but I ain't throwing no towel, giving up or turning your back on him. We just have to trust him! There is no other way.

Did you fellas notice anything good that Boskov worked out?

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