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-=Bolton Wanderers Vs Arsenal=-

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-=Arsenal VS Bolton=-

lets hope for a win, liverpool and man utd lose and wrap up the EPL early
got this from the official arsenal site, these are some injury guys who mite be coming back


Wenger: "We have a back problem with Freddie Ljungberg but it is certain that he will be alright."


Wenger: "He may be back [against Bolton], we will know more about it tomorrow and Saturday. But at the moment it looks quite good."


Sylvain Wiltord has suffered a slight strain on his left thigh. Wenger: "Wiltord looks better as well. He has a test tomorrow and has a chance to play [against Bolton]."


Oleg Luzhny hobbled away from Old Trafford on crutches after sustaining a dead leg in our 1-0 win over Middlesbrough. Wenger: "Luzhny has a chance as well to be back [against Bolton]."

when did freddie have a back problam?!?!
i hope its not serious
and lets hope viera doesnt get a yellow card
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jesus up in heavan, hellowed be they name
can u plz make bolton, win this frikken game
cos then united will be a chance, even if it is slight
and that way we can give arsenal a mighty bloody fight....
11 hours until kick off now and personaly I have no clu how this game will end up.
It`s all about how we react to the pressure, If we don`t win this I think our league titel hopes are in real danger.
I`ve been in a real bad mood since Van Nist#¤"oy cheated and got ManU that penalty :mad: F#ck him, If this dive would help ManU to win the titel I will ??? Well I don`t know but at least it would be really sad if cheating is something you get advantage of. I think Van Nsitelrooy should be banned from at least 1 game.Back to this game: I wouldn`t be sad if Henry is reated tonight, I`m a great fan of him and everything he does but he hasn`t got it really right the last few matches and a rest may be what is needed.
I think Bergy and Jeffers could be a great partnership.
Well, Jacke - Man Utd just got some of the luck with that penalty. We had the luck with the West Ham 'goal' so it really does come around. Why so quickly though!!?? :D
That`s true Gareth but I really hate divings (even when Arsenal players does them) and I think we will get real troubles at Old Trafford if we don`t get 3 points today, And I would prefer that we not have to win against Everton (By the way, I will be in London with my school when we play them and looking for tickets, I was offred a ticket for 150 quid but I think I`ll wait until we have played United).
I know some people would prefer to win the titel at Old Trafford and so would I but I think it will be a really difficult game at There and the life had been al ot easier if Ruud not had cheated and got that penalty.
Gareth, You`re great but please don`t compare a dissallowed goal with a diving again ;)
i have not been able to concentrate today, as tonight we face the final test.
henry is rated doubtful:( so possibly kanu and bergy up front? possibly jeffers insteard of kanu, who knows?
anyway 3 points and its goodnight irene. so come on boys we cant throw it away now.:)
My concentrstion level at work today was zero. I lost count of the things I stuffed up.

Just make it worth it tonight guys. We are SO close.
Half Time @ Reebok Stadium:

Bolton Wanderers 0

Arsenal 2

Ljungberg 36" Wiltord 44"
Yep just got up to watch the game, halfway through (it's 6:17 am AEST as I write this!)
DB10 IS GOD!!!



:D :) :D :) :D :)

Ok you may be right GARETH !, WE`LL WIN THE LEAGUE AT MANCHESTER and after all maybe this diving was the best diving ever for us :D :D , It`s great that we not have to do them our self isn`t it?
2-0 seems to be the result at the moment so lets keep that up for saturday as well !
Seaman 8½, If know a better keeper at the moment, call me !
Lauren: 7
Keown 7
Adams 7½
Cole 8. Unlucky to not score a goal
Parlour 7 Got better as the game went on
Edu 6 ½, Is still pretty far away from what we want him to be, If you ask me.
Vieira 8
Ljungberg 8 ½
Bergkamp 9
Wiltord 7½,Please AW, Tell him about the offside rule:D
Dixon 7, Just because he`s Dixon
Kanu 7,
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Hmmm maybe the linseman should have done a better job instead. Wiltord had no problems with offside`s, the dumbass of a linseman had.

i dont understund why you are bashing Wiltord all the time.
Unlike the egoist of Henry he is a team player who works for the team, maybe not as good finisher no ,but i think Arsenal plays better football with him.
Vital result for the Gunners tonight.If you guys have dropped some points then I would have placed United favs for the title but now Arsenal are odds on favourites for the crown.

The Old Trafford game will not be easy and I expect United to win that one.That would leave us two points behind Arsenal with each team having a single game left.Today's win effectively puts out Liverpool out of the title race and either United or Arsenal can win it.Now we have to hope for a win at OT and then wish for a miracle at Highbury courtesy Everton.:angel: :angel:

I`ve been in a real bad mood since Van Nist#¤"oy cheated and got ManU that penalty F#ck him, If this dive would help ManU to win the titel I will ??? Well I don`t know but at least it would be really sad if cheating is something you get advantage of. I think van Nistelrooy should be banned from at least 1 game.Back to this game: I wouldn`t be sad if Henry is reated tonight, I`m a great fan of him and everything he does but he hasn`t got it really right the last few matches and a rest may be what is needed.
Seems like you got some problems with Ruud,Jacke?:confused: Perhaps all the goals he has scored to help United's cause has made you jealous or something?:rollani::rollani:

I have seen worst diving incidents fooling the ref and if you call that a dive then I think you'll also agree with me that the booking which got GVB sent off against Leeds or Liverpool? was also just since he took a dive as well.Stop kidding yourself and GROW UP!!!!!Read what Gareth had to say just after you made the comment.It was a dodgy decision,I admit,but at the end of the day luck evens out.Have you heard any United fan still debating about that Kanoute goal????No you havent.And you wont.Cause we have accepted that its part and parcle of the game and we have moved on.My advise to you would be to do the same.:)

Cheers Shafiq.
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Great result.
And Bergkamp was unbelieveable. He shown his magic again. Most of the goals that we scored after Pires injury were assisteb by him.

The title is 100% ours. Don't worry about Everton game. We could seal the title in Old Trafford. Draw is enough. I think we still have 50 % chance to get a point in Old Trafford.
Soooooo close! FA Cup and than a draw in OT and we've got it. Oh damn I hope they show the OT game on TV, I cannot wait. I knew that we'd get along fine without Pires, and Bergkamp has definitely proved we can. No one must want it more than he does, we have come second so many times we need this title.
Arsenal just like a few years back will win the league no probs,When they go to Old Trafford the job will hust about be done and even a draw will just top it off.I follow Man Utd but Arsenal deserve the title.
Even without Campbell and Henry I knew we would win it.
Bergkamp is a genius, pure class.
Freddie once again with the important goal, isnt that 6 goals in 5 league games for Freddie, amazing, maybe he will beat RvN record of scoring in 8 consecetive league games, that would be cool.
Anyway a draw at Old Trafford and that's it we are the Champions, that would be the best day ever. But first we must bring back the first of our to trophys on Saturday, Come On You Gooners.:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
campball didnt play?
does tht mean his not fit for next week in the FA cup?!?!

i know henry will be ready
feddie was the man again
ouch ouch on fire
Thoroughly enjoyed watching the game last night.
DB is superb, lovely sublime flicks and passes.

The titles is Arsenals. What better way to celebrate it than doing it at OT, and rubbing the ManUre fans noses in it.
Come on Arsenal!

Best of luck on Saturday too.
I know I`m to hard at Wiltord the most of the time but I just can`t start like him. When he plays simple with one or two touches on the ball and not make the situations more difficult than they are he`s a really ggod player but really don`t agree that he is a more team player than Henry. Henry plays for winning trophies for Arsenal while Wiltord plays for winning trophies for himself and I suppose that`s the reason to why I don`t like him. He left Bourduxx the same way Anelka left us and I`m sure he would do the same again if he Madrid or someone would came in with a bid. As soon as he has been on the bench a few times he start talking about leaving. With other words: Wiltord you have done a very good seasone but change your attitude or leave.
Thierry is one of the most loyal forigner we ever had i think, I can well see that he play with us for the next 10 years:)
something i've noticed in the past month is our amazing defencive work:)
lauren may be a midfielder but he's comfortable on the ball and never moans, keown is still able to keep up with the fastest centre forwards, adams wins EVERYTHING in the air, sol is a reliable and sturdy rock( he really seems to have progressed playing with adams and keown) and ashley cole is probably the quickest left back in the league and attacks well.
credit should also go to luzhny,grimandi and stepanovs, who did a good job in our senior players absence. imagine liverpool missing hyypia for 5 months! how well would they cope if they had half the injuries we've had. (i cant say manure because they havent got a centre back in the same class as our 3).
we've conceded something like 3 goals in our last 11 games which is truely sensational. i cant remember a team having more than 1 clear cut chance in the past month.
seaman has made some quality saves but the defencive quality means that he has very little to do.

trust me, i'm not arrogant, but we will win the double. simple as that, posotive thinking is everything, trust me.we will do it;)
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