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-=Bolton Wanderers Vs Arsenal=-

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-=Arsenal VS Bolton=-

lets hope for a win, liverpool and man utd lose and wrap up the EPL early
got this from the official arsenal site, these are some injury guys who mite be coming back


Wenger: "We have a back problem with Freddie Ljungberg but it is certain that he will be alright."


Wenger: "He may be back [against Bolton], we will know more about it tomorrow and Saturday. But at the moment it looks quite good."


Sylvain Wiltord has suffered a slight strain on his left thigh. Wenger: "Wiltord looks better as well. He has a test tomorrow and has a chance to play [against Bolton]."


Oleg Luzhny hobbled away from Old Trafford on crutches after sustaining a dead leg in our 1-0 win over Middlesbrough. Wenger: "Luzhny has a chance as well to be back [against Bolton]."

when did freddie have a back problam?!?!
i hope its not serious
and lets hope viera doesnt get a yellow card
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I thought the amnesty on yellow cards was until the end of the season surely he can't be banned again this season now ?????

I can't see Bolton stopping us.We play our lightning counter attacks away from home when teams come onto us and with Wiltord back in the side we will surely score at least two goals ;)

Freddie has had a back injury for quite a while now, but he has been playing through the pain. True Gooner.
Yellow cards don't mean anything at this stage of the season, so Vieira is alright.
I think the way we've been playing lately we will destroy Bolton.
I predict 4-0 and the Championship.
Freddie Hattrick:star: Henry.

Come on you Spurs and the Tractor Boys!!:D
i think we should maybe let freddie rest? put him as a sub, use only when we need him. i would hate to see him injure himself
we need to win FA cup as well
In the unlikely event that Ipswich and Spurs don't win, then we'll have to go to Old Trafford, and get a result, or risk it against the might of Everton. Having seen Ljungberg's record against Man Utd, I would love him to play the whole 90 minutes against them, and possibly bag 3 or 4 goals. If we play him against Bolton, and his back flares up again, then we won't get the chance, and that could cost us the title, considering Everton's recent form. ;)
Re: -=Arsenal VS Bolton=-

Swiftwilly said:
when did freddie have a back problam?!?!
i hope its not serious
and lets hope viera doesnt get a yellow card
Freddie have suffered from his back some months now but it wont hurt him as much that he cant participate and WHY WHY did Viera take that stupid yellow card in the last minute?
As far as I know, when Vieira avoided picking up a caution in the Semi-Final Vs Boro, this meant he couldnt be suspended for the seasons remaining games.

However, I could be wrong.
no JLE your correct.
anyway - cheers to the scum!:eek:
i would like to see kanu start, not just because of his goal against the hammers, i just feel bergkamp could do with a rest before the cup final.
i would like to see -




i wouldent play sol just incase he aggrivates his injury, an extended rest will do him good.
on this issue if keown,sol and adams are fit who will play in the cup final next week?:rolleyes: i wouldent like to tell one of them that they wer'nt playing!
anyway - the title is moving ever closer to highbury.:)
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Seaman_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Lauren_ _ _Adams_ _ _Keown_ _ _Cole

Parlour_ _ _Vieira_ _ _Edu_ _ _Ljungberg

_ _ _ _ _ _Bergkamp_ _ _Henry_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thats by far our best line up at the moment!Sol may not be 100 percent fit so i wouldent risk him,keep him fresh for the Cup Final next week!I think if Arsenal win the league against Bolton then Richard Wright will play against Manu and Everton and seaman play in the Cup final!

Bolton are scrapping for there lives and will give us a good tuff game!But im going for a 1-0 to us.Henry the goalscorer
I'd go for a 2-0 Arsenal victory.

If Ispwich manage a draw, then not only will Man Utd have practically no chance of winning the title, but Ipswich will be left 3 points behind Bolton. with the game against Liverpool remaining. As long as Bolton feel that Ipswich are doomed (and they are), then they'll give us a reasonably easy ride.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Seaman_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Lauren_ _ _Adams_ _ _Keown_ _ _Cole

Parlour_ _ _Vieira_ _ _Edu_ _ _Ljungberg

_ _ _ _ _ _Jeffers_ _ _Henry_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Give Jeffers a try! If he doesn't do anything than we can always bring on Bergkamp or Kanu. Remember Jeffers scored against Bolton last time, maybe he can do it again ;)
I would like to see abit more of Jeffers!But this game against Bolton is absolutally vital to Arsenal and we need to play our best team!If Arsenal Draw or Loose to Bolton then if Manu win there remaining games they will be champions!so for this game id play upfront either Kanu or Bergy!

As for the FAcup final starting line up,well i dunno what AW is gonna do,Wright or Seaman in goal.not sure.:confused:
I hope Wenger not is so happy with the results against Ipswich and West Ham that he has forgot that we`ve been really lucky in this games. We have pretty poor in the first halfs in both games and our movement have not been what was a couple of Months ago (Leverkusen at home:) I got really happy by just thinking at it). As here someone said all the teams are playing very defensive against us but we don`t even counter attack when we got the chans. My team:
Lauren Adams Campbell/Keown Cole
Parlour Vieira Edu Ljungberg
Bergy Henry
subs: Wright, Dixon, Keown/Grimandi, Jeffers,Kanu
Don't under estimate Bolton.

Arsenal 2-1 Bolton.

it won't be an easy ride.
huge...huge game!!!!

Bolton will be no pushovers and arsenal can expect a good fight from them.

They have some good players in Djorkaeff,Bobic and Nolan while Ricketts can come up with the odd goal anytime.Sam Allyrdace's men will definitely not roll over and if anything they'll be inspired by the performance of Spurs tonight(who frankly could have just moved over and allowed Liverpool to take all 3 points if they wanted to).Bolton will try to make things even more interesting in the title chase and I just hope that they perform a miracle and steal at least a point from the Gunners.
This will be one of ur biggest games of the season. I can see an Arsenal 2-0 win. Just don't stuff it up! :devil:
Wait wait wait... Bolton are no-pushovers... remember when we last met at Highbury? It will be another close game... 2-1 my bet!

Regarding about Freddie's back injury... I'm not suprised though... If you look at all the matches he ever played. He is a robust player. Just check out the way he falls when tackled... It's not going to be a serious problem but its going to be long term occasional pain esp. when just got up from bed...
We can win it easily. I'd say 2-0 for Arsenal.
Freddie and Henry score.

Player to watch : Djorkaeff.
My favourite player when he was playing for Inter.
liverpool lost to spurs 1-0
man utd won controversually over ipswich 1-0
i didnt think it was a penalty
that ipswich defender only like rested his arm on ruud, he didnt push him down or anything, its so stupid. man utd could have only got a draw which would of been the best.
now we jhave to win at bolton to take advantage of liverpool losing
then all we have to do is draw or win at OT then the EPL is ours!!!

henry has been having a goal drought, but i can see him scoring very soon maybe he'll score a crucial or marvelous goal at OT :D
how much more can you wish for?
If Wiltord is fit he must replace Razor he has been shocking this season apart from a few games before christmas when he was excellent.;)
Wiltord has been superb in that right berth in away games ;)


3-0 to the Arse
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