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And I Think That he shoul be forgiven.

Why, Because he always gives every thing on the pitch, he doesn't score many goals and he will never do it, but he is like Casiraghi.

It have been said many things about the next years attackers, but noboduy knows for sure if Lopez is coming, and just so it is said, Lopez isn't as good as many of the people here thinks.

Salas will probably leave, S.Inzaghi should play with a player like Lopez by his side, but We should play 4-4-2 and not 4-5-1,
If Lopez doesn't come we should buy F.Inzaghi, he is alot better then people here thinks, and YES HE IS BETTER then Lopez.
Ëven considering that Lopez is better then Super Pippo is an insult to not only Inzaghi but to the Game.

Well anyway it's enough said, now we all should turn to a greater force, and pray for Lazio tonight.

Lopez is surely one of the 10 best attackers in the world, no doubt. If you had seen him against Man U, Fiorentina and Lazio you would think diffrently. He hasn't scored a lot this season but that guy creates so many oppurtunities for others that it is scary.

Lopez in, no Divo Inzaghi!
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