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Bogarde targeted by Middlesbrough

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Barcelona's Dutch defender Winston Bogarde is a 3 million-pound target for Middlesbrough, while Chelsea has moved ahead of Middlesbrough in the race to sign Atletico Madrid's Dutch striker Jimmy Floyd
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why are all these big names being linked to middlesbrough? theyre capable of playing at other big teams, so why would they go to a middle table team in the premiership?
hasselbaink will definitely not join middlesbrough, when teams in spain and top teams in england are after him, and im sure bogarde wont move to middlesbrough, 1 of the eng top 5 would surely bid for him if middlebrough's offer gets accepted

boro is a b-team without any stars,so don't even dream about bogarde!!!
maybe someone like kjertil rekdal or something.
i like middlesbrough and i like Bogard, somehow the little teams aren't capable to race with the big guns....unfortunately
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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