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I read in the newspaper the other day that a Palmeiras player mention that this year's final was going to be tougher than last year's against Deportivo Cali. In my opinion Deportivo Cali last year was a 100 times better than what Boca is showing this year. Deportivo Cali fought until the last second, in Cali, Palmeiras had no chance and they lost, in Brasil everyone was expecting a blow out but Deportivo played like professionals and they sent the game to penalty kicks. Just the fact that the last game was played in Brasil was a big factor, but anyways, the luck didn't bounce our way on penalty kicks and we lost the cup. As it seems, Palmeiras would not have to sweat this time, I expect a blow out in Brasil. :y

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Ok agree with you that Deportivo last year was better than Boca, and that Deportivo showed more resistant to Palmieras than the Argentines.
BUT, this year's Palmeiras is much weaker than last year's team, and this team has a lot of heart and guts, something the other lacked, although it compensated in talent.
But the truth is , that Brazilian club football is miles better than anyone in the continent (and equally matched to european leagues....if not better than big clubs in spain and in italy , definetly better than any team in england)! And that the last finals of the LIbertadore really have been in the quarter finals and the finals when Brazilian clubs meet.
Since the start of the decade , everyone in Brazil (any club supporter), always says that the real tough game is when brazilians meet.And it really is!
The Argentina fans say this and that, but the truth is.....were are they? They said River Plate last year was this and that, and they were murdered by Palmeiras 3x0!
This year they said all that about Boca, but Palmeiras silenced the noisist stadium of the world, with an average team!
They also said that they had a "dream team" in thepre-olympic...their team was humiliated by us, and then lost to Chile (you guys beat Chile!)
In thepre -olympic we made the first (ourselves) and the second place..Chile!:)
Anyway Colombia nice to see you here....show up more!:)Rincon is playing the final on saturday..that mercenary:(!!!!!!!:)
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