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boca DRAW SH*T

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boca draws 2-2
it is a sh*t result
but arauabarena scores 2 goaal that a GOOD things
i hope palermo will score the wining goal in the next game
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winnning goal???
Almeyda, fisrt time i support you guys and you let me down like this.
I think Palmeras have a hand on the trophy already.:(
I gotta agree. Boca blew it and now, barring a huge performance, Palmeiras will win the trophy.
za da feil
the only reson that we didn't win the match cuase u
suppoet Us :) :) :)
support ur team in the next time HA
and the goal will be from palermo in the minite 90
ok almeyda..i'll obey you this time only:)
I wil burn my boca flag today:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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