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Ant: Have you ever been tempted to record a football song like your fellow pundit Terry Venables?
->Bobby Robson replies: No, and he's got a better voice than me so I wouldn't even tackle it.

Moderator says: Okay, unfortunately we're almost out of time - we'll take one last question.

Bobby_: Sven Goran Eriksson rarely gives much away but he strikes everyone as a really nice bloke - how have you found him privately and professionally since his appointment?
->Bobby Robson replies: He's an extremely nice person. He doesn't give away secrets. He wasn't a great player but you don't have to be to be a manager. He's had a lot of good experience, first in Sweden, then Portugal and Italy. I'm delighted for him today because the screws were just beginning to turn against him - we don't want that. He's only been in the job a year and a half. We're a young side, we'll even be better in two years time. Many of our players will only get better. Sven came in, the ship was a bit wrecked, and here we are now almost to qualify in a three game group and he's done exceptionally well.

RustyLee: Bobby do you feel we truly have what it takes to go through and win hte cup?
->Bobby Robson replies: It's dangerous to talk about winning the World Cup, it's literally a game by game scenario and the minute you start looking ahead that much, that's it. We've gone from zero to hero in five days, it happened to me too. Sven seems to be a very calm and composed person, he won't be letting everything run away with him. Just look one game ahead.

AFCB2002: What was you're worst and best experiences as England manager ?
->Bobby Robson replies: My worst was losing in the semi final. My best was when we finally did knock out Cameroon and I knew that we were in the semi final. By that time, we got better during the tournament so we didn't think we could lose to anybody.

emile: Trevor Sinclair enjoyed a superb half in the friendly with Cameroon and was again purposeful when he came on today. Have we finally found the solution to our left-sided problems?
->Bobby Robson replies: In a way yes, but he's not the most natural outside left that we have. We've tried various people without getting it right in the way. Ever since John Barnes left we haven't had the same class left foot. He does go past defenders, whereas Heskey when he's tried to play there, he only gets so far. I think Sven will realise that that's not Heskey's best position and that will be my opinion as well. Sinclair might be the best we've got and I think he will persevere and he's never let us down - he knows the position, at least he plays there for West Ham.

muttonmonger: when you were watching the england match tonight, would your joy have been greater if you'd been managing england or did u enjoy it more watching?
->Bobby Robson replies: I think the greatest thing of all is to be in charge as you feel proud, honoured. There will be no happier man in the world tonight than Sven, in charge of a team that's beaten the second favourite. He'll be inwardly extremely happy, I know he doesn't show it. It happened to me several times, I know how he's feeling.

Posh: Is there anything you can say about David Beckham that hasn't already been said? To think how far he';s come in the last four years is incredible!
->Bobby Robson replies: He took some awful, vicious dialogue from far too many people four years ago when he was dismissed in that Argentina match with that incident against Simeone but he stood up, showed immense character, he didn't speak back, he kept his head down and low and played his way back to the delight of the country by sheer application and I've got nothing but the highest regard for the boy. And here he is four years later scoring the penalty that beat Argentina today and that speaks volumes for his attitude. He played great today, his energy level was up considerably, Sven looked as though he was never going to take him off. He was pretty much involved in everything that took place today, he broke wide when we had it, he made a great contribution so he's come an amazingly long way and he deserves it all. His free kick against Greece was, in a way, what got us here, along with the game against Germany, the boy has just come an awful long way and he is now the most spoken and photographed player in the world.

no.1 footie Fan: Bobby, just in advance u are a great coach and i respect u alot, Who do u think would take man of the match for todays performance? and who would u select and wot posistions for the match on wednesday
->Bobby Robson replies: Man of the match for me is difficult to choose, it's difficult not to give everyone 10 out of 10 but the man for me is Butt. He challenged all night long, he harrassed players, he chased the ball and made vital tackles in defence, he helped to bust the midfield with Scholes. In addition to that, Butt got forward several times and got into some great positions. I just thought he was absolutely outstanding. Sven likes 4-4-2. There was a lot of pressure on him today to change the side but he did the same formation, and I don't think for one moment he'd change his system. He may make a player change but I don't know. He only made one change today so I think he'll be consistent.

Goldenballs: Which players have caught your eye this World Cup and who would you cite as the greatest player of all time?
->Bobby Robson replies: I think Pele was the greatest player I ever saw. Argentinas Maradonna in '86 was a fantastic player but I think Pele at his prime. A great player. The players who have caught my eye in this World Cup - I've seen a lot of games. I saw Ronaldino about four weeks ago in Lisbon and he was very good. I saw him in 1997/98 when he was a young player in the FIFA under 17s in Egypt, he was outstanding as a young player so he's certainly one for the future. I like Aimar very much, who did very well in a difficult situation today when he came on. It's early stages at the moment, the tournament is just beginning to warm up. I'm sure that the tournament will produce one or two more outstanding players. It will be interesting to watch South Korea, whether one of their players will stand out.

Beck: Should England be looking at what happens in Group A before deciding what result to play for against Nigeria? Or should we just go all out for a win regardless?
->Bobby Robson replies: I don't think you can play and jockey for positions to be honest. You have to play to win, that's the way we play in the Premiership. The best thing to do is to win your match and what happens in another match doesn't matter to you. By winning, your form is in good nick and you carry forward, which is what we should do. Don't jockey for position.

muppet007: How do you explain the difference between England's incredible performance today and dismal display during the 2nd half against Sweden?
->Bobby Robson replies: It's all about performance, playing to your capacity and playing to your level. We had several players off form, they didn't play as well as they can. Today, it was difficult to pick the man of the match as we had a good team from the goalkeeper to the number 11, as everybody played to their strengths. We lost control in the midfield against Sweden, which we didn't today. We didn't make any mistakes at the back today, we held a good line, we didn't allow them to get through it, we were extremely competitive and great in the air, and as a result of that Argentina didn't penetrate. We had a great resolve to do better and it paid off.

LegsXI: Which teams have surprised you with their ability and disappointed you with their inability?
->Bobby Robson replies: Poland might have been a little dark horse, I was astonished by the Portugal result, I would never believe that the USA would beat Portugal and score three times. Senegal result was a surprise too, but that can happen. In the opening match, I thought France would get off to a great start but they're far from looking secure at the moment. I think one of the finest performances for me was South Korea, because they didn't have any complexities and phobias, they just went out and played with an abundance of spirit, fought for every ball, chased everything in sight, scored two goals and knocked one of my dark horses right out of the picture. That's kept the tournament very alive from an Asian point of view.

ShayGiven: Who do you think will get furthest in the World Cup - England or the Republic of Ireland?
->Bobby Robson replies: We're in the tough half. The two hot favourites were France and Argentina. It could turn out that both of those teams might not even qualify because Argentina have to beat Sweden to qualify and France have only 1 point. If those disappear, all we have to be concerned about, maybe not all, but the real tough team left in would be Brazil, so I just hope that happens as it will be easier for us to advance. I don't think we should really look that far ahead though, we just have to think step by step, work for the next match. The Irish have shown great resolve, what a great result against Germany, but again they're not through. They need a victory. It's just nip and tuck for both of us at the minute.

TinyToon: Would a fully fit Kieron Dyer have added an extra dimension to England today and are you as Newcastle Utd manager in touch with him and other Newcastle players in the Irish squad?
->Bobby Robson replies: I rang him a couple of times. His mobile isn't working out there but I now have another number, so I don't know about his fitness yet. He's an extremely valuable player to the squad. Sven hasn't needed him yet but if we proceed he may come into it. He's a player of rich quality and his time may come. If Sven decides to have him in the team, you can be rest assured he will not let us down. I haven't been in touch with the guys from Ireland although I do send them good luck wishes. It's been a terrific week for British football. What a wonderful week, along with the Jubilee.

scowapl: What do you think the tactics will be for the game against Nigeria?
->Bobby Robson replies: Argentina beat Nigeria, we beat Argentina so we think we can do that. It won't be easy, we still have a lot to play for and we're not through yet, we do need a point. It's dangerous to play for just a point. Anything can happen in the last 10 minutes of a game. You've got to play to win it, so that, as you go into the later stages of the game, you're in the winning position. We still have to play to win.

capital_pie: What did Teddy Sheringham bring to the team when he came on in the second half and would you like to see him play from the start against Nigeria?
->Bobby Robson replies: What he did when he came on, he was a replacement for Heskey who played pretty well, Sven thought .. fresh legs, he'd hold the ball up for us and he gave us a bit more security in terms of possession. As far as should he play, Sven may think he'll start with him as he did well today, Sven might start to use him now and when it gets tiring in the second half, as he hasn't played for some time, switch and bring Heskey back on. Sven has been repaid from the loyalty from the players. It's in the hands of the coach really, that's what he gets paid for.
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