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Manure for Inter Toto Cup?

Last chance of a trophy so why not?:D
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I think this lot better realise something fast. See I have known FW for at least since I started on the Message boards on ITV which was about a year ago and one thing I have found with him is that if you argue or say anything to him he can either get sarcastic or say something funny. You wont win in an argument with him I have tried that endless times ;) and he goes by his name he always has the Final Word!!

Trust me Freddy Elliot leave well alone!!

PS Tell Maxine that Ashley Peacock or whatever his name his that he speaks like a little gimp and that he cant act to save his life.
FW You said you went on the Liverpoolfc.tv forums.... well i cant see ya unless you have changed names or is it a different site. If so tell me please..........................as that lot just Moan about selling every player under the sun.

Fred i better tell ya somthing i say i say i better tell ya something very good. Man U are i say are not going to win anything i say not going to win a thing and that if Fergi was managing in Europe and spent 50 million on players and ended up with nothing i say nothing he would have been sacked, sacked i say sacked!!
Hiffuk as if i would be anyone else;) You know hiffuk is a quality name and will live on for years;)

I have been on there for a while but where are the gals FW??????

i hope you did not frighten them away with your charm;)
Your right FW it is much better. No wonder i hardly saw you on the ITV Forums. Its so much better and loads of people are on there all the time.

Though i have looked for search by name and that i still havent found that name you sure it is Liverpoolfc.tv??
I am going to back up what FW said. Why take the piss out of liverpool when you have had a by far worser season. COME ON ARSENAL BEAT THEM EASILY THEN WE CAN FINISH 2ND WHATS IT GOING TO BE LIKE TO QUALIFY FOR THE CHAMPIONS LEGUE??

Fred tell me this having if Fergi was managing in Siera A and spent 50 Million on players and won about as much as Bristol City do you think he would still be in the job???

No he f*****g would not.
1 - 5 of 62 Posts
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