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I hate to say it but I have to agree with much of what is said in that article.

United are infinitely more effective as a 4-4-2. RVN and OGSolskjaer have been irresistable together and it is difficult to say that Bayer would have been able to cope.

- Do you not see that ManU could barely get out of their own half because RVN was left on his own for the whole game?
Fair enough, many players played badly but it is easy to see the reaons why they were doing so. They were trying to play Bayer at their own game - which to me is plain ludicrous.

This was clear after the first ten minutes. United were listless, nobody knew what they were doing and changes should have been made straight away. Instead, Ferguson chose to persist with a silly system that was playing right into Bayer's hands.
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