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Manure for Inter Toto Cup?

Last chance of a trophy so why not?:D
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:howler: check this part timer out. Where were you last week when your dreams all faded into dust, eh, scouser?
Final Word said:

Fred Elliot: ManUtd fan in New Zealand :D:D It all fits so nicely..... :D Baaaaaa .

unlike you, part timer, I'm here for the duration whether we win or not. Thats what being a true fan is about. Guys like you make me laugh, as you conveniantly went missing the last few weeks when your season turned to bollocks. Hmm, strange that. You seem to forget that the scousers won nothing, never looked like winning anything, and will continue to be under achievers whilst playing the brand of football they persist with. 12 years and counting eh;)

Fine with me though. Maybe you can feel more of an affinity with the plastik scousers from Bayer LIVER-kusen. Get a bit of communal singing going, all stand to attention and belt out a rendition of that old favourite 'you'll never march alone';) :howler:
Final Word said:
Flippin' hell Fred!! GOOD REPLY!!!! :rolleyes:

For your information, I never go into hiding. Fact of the matter is, I go on at least two other footie sites, (none of which have such uptight and menstrual Mancs as on here), and so I spend my time wherever I feel like being.

Thing is, we're improving in the league (more points already than last season), it was our first outing in the CL, and we did much better than Arsenal or ManUre did in their first seasons, qualifying from a difficult group ( unlike ManUre).

I thought you were supposed to be funny?:howler:

thats about all I'd expect from a part timer. Liverpool basically are a one tactic outfit, and you know it. Players like Heskey and murphy won't win you anything of substance, whilst continuing to ignore Litmanen indicates the poverty of tactical courage in the scouse camp. You did very well to finish where you did. But hey, you beat us, so at least you had your cup final;)

never mind, with your affinity to Lever-Scousen I'm sure you'll get some sort of orgasmic pleasure out of seeing them in the final. Just like being there eh...la...eh eh...;) and as for criticism, yeah, bring it on. But the same old tired insults just make me laugh, at you, and your sad mates from your redundant site. So come on, lets have another one about Veron, or Fergie, or what about Sheep...yeah, that was a massive laugh, never heard that one before:rolleyes: :D
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Final Word said:

Serious question: Am I the only bloke on here that likes a bit of banter or are you all so up each other, you only say nice things to each other's teams ? If I'd realised it was a mutual appreciation society I'd have never bothered....... maybe ITV wasn't so bad after all....... [/B]

lol....what a tart...I notice you didn't bother answering me as you know I'm right;) I didn't see a rebutal of my statement that Liverpool are tactically impoverished. The fact of the matter is, despite the brilliant;) performance of the pool defence, midfield and attack....you're below us in the league, and went out before us in Europe. We never lost a match when we got past the group stage...bit different from the scousers record wasn't it? Anyway, bring on the banter, I'm all for it, just so long as you aren't going to whinge about getting back...la;)
Final Word said:
Fred: Don't flatter yourself mate. I consider you to be like an irritating fly to be swatted away from time to time. Of no serious consequence but irritating nonetheless.

Yeah, whatever, you still haven't actually come up with an answer though, have you eh?

As Roma are overrated, success in the Serie A doesn't translate into them being a top club. If Capello is such tactical genius why hasn't he actually managed to achieve anything in Europe since he left the slowly ageing team, Milan, whose best years he had with a side Sacchi built and put together.

Murphy is rubbish, and the fact he scored a goal in your
*cup final* against us, doesn't change that. He's a work horse, without form and void. As for the plastic treble, its an insult to real treble achievements to continually harp on about it as if its a defining moment in English football. THE treble is one of those moments of romanticism in football, where everything slotted into place, and good football won out. Liverpool were quite clearly not the better team in the FA cup, were outclassed in long periods by Birmingham, and hung on by the skin of their teeth against those European giants Alves.

Glad to see you reverted back to sheep jokes, its quite a nice example of your one dimensionalism that seems to run parallel with the team you support. Oh, and there aren't any kangaroos in NZ. But I didn't expect you to know that.
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JLE said:
Fred Elliot:

It seems strange how you critisize Liverpool's treble, when ManUre's was arguably more lucky.

2 last minute goals after being out classed by Bayern.

Dennis Bergkamp missing a last minute penalty.

Takes a bit of luck to win anything, and your futile attempts to downgrade Liverpool's success only proves that in order to communictae, you must first part both cheeks of your arse.
We were the dominant team in the league that year, and no amount of provaricating will change that.

We were the best team in the FA Cup, and beat Arsenal with 10 men if I remember correctly, with one of the best goals you will ever see from the maestro Giggs. We savaged Newcastle in the final for more thoroughly than the Arse.nal managed against Chelsea.

And we were the dominant team in the Champions league final, against a team that scored off a set piece, and then proceeded to defend that lead, in abysmally defence-centric play. Attacking football won out.
And look whats it degenerated to....a shellsuit, pair of trainers, and a perm. Yeah, scouseland's really won the style war with that triumphant trinity of fashion;) :D
ofcourse, the older set in Scouseville is slightly more discerning...
reports confirm that a flat hat, an oily mack with a pink echo in the pocker and a pair of timsons is still de rigour;)
Rocky Starr said:

.....Meanwhile, down under, no discerning Man U supporter would be seen without his life-sized willy-warmer, in the "de rigeur" shape of a sheep!:cool:
not a fashion area I'm acquainted with, I expect its more of a scouse thing than anything else. I suggest you contact
'Scally-ware' and get them to tailor something to your requirements:howler:
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