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I'm a little pi55ed off about this man. After the Millwall riots, he came out the next day, with our chairman, and said that the club shouldn't be sued because it all happened outside the ground.

Now today, he has come out saying that if he was in Theo's(Millwall chairman) shoes, he would resign because of what happened Thorsday night.


What will that actually achieve?? Absolutely nothing. Fair play for saying what he did initially, but now that he's not in front of a TV camera and with Theo next to him, he's showing now his true colours(which is not Blue).

I just think he should stick to his own club and let Millwall sort out there own troubles themselves. It will take a very long time for people to forget this but I don't like people spouting off crap when there fans can be just as bad.

Here is a site that glorifies Birminghams thugs.


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The BC management have been known as a circus for a while now. Ever since Barry Fry was in charge.

Some of the excuses we used to hear driving back from the Hawthorns as to why BC hadn't won, especially Trevor Francis, truly remarkable!

I dont want them to go up, I'll stick with my Norwich prediction.

NOLU's right too, the BC fans are bad, not as bad as Wolves but bad none the less. (Not all of them, but enough to have large policing at every game).
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