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Biggest upset of the year.....

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Its close to the end, and i think the biggest upset of the year would have to be in the end....

having hapoel tel aviv virtually eliminated from the title, is something very hard to look.....for a hapoel fan :)

But ooo well........since the UEFA elimination which was stupid and i think that Hapoel in the end didn't even put up a fight which they could have........

Its just sad to see them go, especailly when most of the players who made it thus far are going to be out or in another team...

have a good time in the 5th spot hapoel!
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I already opened a thread about it, also, are u dreaming, they for sure will finish second, not fifth!!!!
Actually I believe we promised the 2nd spot, or we just need one win in 4 games to do it.
5th spot is next year when you Crooks go down the drain! :)

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH! :) Let the rise of beitar continue!
Hahahahaha funny man. 5th place is where Beitar will finish next season in the Leumit :) (if that's a rise, let it continue indeed)
Dont count on it! :) we are going to be best in the leauge!! :) in Liga Ha'al! :)

Hapoel on the other hand is the one who will have trouble! :) there coach is under a question mark. There players are leaving liek a flock of seagles :) and there in a turmoil as we speak! :)

ITs funn how they made such a dictatorous team and yet , they came home with nothing! :)
Turmoil? Maybe you can point to the turmoil you're talking about? Even if players leave we have enough players to cover for those who leave. Don't worry buddy, next year will be good.
i just hope! :)

i hope that it won't be the same upset as it was.......im just scared that UEFA for Hapoel won't be good! It was pure luck till the end for Hapoel? Can they possibly make it like this next year?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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