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OFK v Crevena Zvezda and Obilic v Partizan,
CZ must win their match and hope that Obilic will hold Partizan to just a point...
frankly I think thats not possible :)

My predictions:

OFK 1-1 CZ(sorry Delije, you've just been horrible in the last few matches)
Obilic 0-3 Partizan(after beating Hajduk 5-0 and Vojvodina 4-1, I beleive Obilic stand no chance aginst the Blank and White's)

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Vladz, I pray to God you have become able to see in the future overnight...
:) :)

I'd be happy with any win against OFK Beograd, they have been playing very well lately and just look at the scores they have achieved against the big three this year..

OFK - Obilic 4:2 (not sure about this one, but I know they won)
Obilic - OFK 2:2
OFK - Partizan 2:2
Zvezda - OFK 3:1

They certainly have no problems scoring against the big ones....

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It is not impossible for zvezda to win but they have a young,unexperianced squad and they
have pplayed there last couple of matches buy beating teams bearly.

There biggest problem is putting the ball in the net.

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Dont worry red star fans at the end of the season we will see who is laughing.
my predictions.
CZ-OFK 2-0
Par-Obi 0-0
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