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BIG deal finally sealed!

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Deportivo la Coruna has bought 3 players from relegated Aletico de Madrid! The deal includes Juan Carlos Valeron, Jose francisco Molina and the youngster Juan Cadevilla. I must say Im quite suprised at two moves here - or actually all three, the first two players IMO simply suck, Molina can be good, but he has that erorr syndrome:), and Capdevillas sell is a surprise, because he's so young and talented. I would've thought they'd held on to him and made use of him later, but I guess Gil is doing it again:D
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It's now over! Catanha for 14 mln$ WOW! I am really impressed, these signings are quality stuff:D
Could you please make that grin even bigger Labas? :D

Both Depor and Atletico look to have a hard season....
Atletico for selling their good players and Depor for buying them :D
I ,must say Deportivo has surprised me, because with the buys they've made they are serious contenders for the reapeat. To compare they have made at least twice as much buys as Real and Barca combined. I know this doesn't mean victory immediately, but you must admit it's impressive...?
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