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In these anxious times before the match with Sweden, there have been videos added to the ftp to help ease our nervousness through reflection on our glorious history. These videos include:

Argentina's Goals in World Cups Past: Argentina 78, Mexico 86, Italy 90, USA 94, and France 98
Argentina-Nigeria Highlights and Addidas commercials with
payaso Aimar in them.

Directions for Access:
Through a browser:
- in the address box put: ftp://www.argsoccerftp.d2g.com/
- choose to log in anonymously
- then give an email, but it can be fake ie [email protected]
- right click and view as list for easier viewing of names
- right click and copy to folder to save the videos

You can also access it through conventional ftp ways: domain: www.argsoccerftp.d2g.com port 21 l/p anonymous
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