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Bielsa - Riquelme A Love Story?

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Listen guys....I know Bielsa is a good manager and this is something I really know after seeing every singel match in their Southamerican compaign...

But somethings makes me wonder...this Riquelme case....Now is this something or is this something....

Even a child can figure out Riquelme is a man for the National squad...

Ok, some people say he is to slow an so on...THATS BULL****!!!

What this guy does with the ball is amazing and if you ask me he is a better player than Zidane...the guy is SKILL!!!

Bielsa should really take him in cause he is to good to be left out...please if Aimar can play then Riquelme should do wonder...

thankz and please comment on this.....Cruz
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Bielsa - Riquelme A Love Story
lol, I thought you had some hot gossip on a gay relationship between the two ;).

Nah, I totally agree with you, hes a classy player. Hes not exactly young either (23), so the excuse for Saviola's exclusion doesnt apply here. I hate to say it, but I think his absence from european football has something to do with Bielsa's reluctance to include him. At least Ortega has played in Europe for a spell before returning to Argentina. Riquelme would also probably displace Veron, in the position just behind the attack? Veron is the linchpin of the NT and Riquelme might disrupt the current team tactics.

I wouldnt go as far to say hes a better player than Zidane though. Zidane is a very experienced team player who has played at every level. Riquelme still has some way to go.

I heard that the NT will play Tunisia in a friendly on the 22nd may. Last chance for Riquelme?
Are they really going to play Tunisia ????

That is only because Caniggia should have the chance to score....

And maybe Saviola can play the last 15 ????

If he gets that oppurtunity he will score more than Cannigia will to in a whole match...

leg100 said:

I wouldnt go as far to say hes a better player than Zidane though.
Well I'll do it then:

Romy is better than Zidane:) :D :cool: :) :D :cool: :rolleyes: ;)
Are they really going to play Tunisia ????


A slim chance for Riquelme and Saviola to break into the squad.....
I would just like to say that both Riqulme and Bianchi is very welcome to Barcelona...

So are Cavenaghi, D`allesandro, Collocino,

and Veron, but not Caniggia he really should be thinking of his retirement...

Cheers:D :D :D
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