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Bianchi will be our next coach

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After Capello renewing his contract with Roma I am sure that Bianchi will be our next coach: he has prestige, he has won many cups....and he will bring that object "of desire" named Riquelme.

Next season expect many games like yesterday's, with a Barça side better organised of course, but with a defensive attitude nevertheless from our team, at least for much of the match. That's how Bianchi teams play. If there are gems in the youth teams he will bring them with no hesitation to the first team, that's how he has always worked. Considering Barcelona finances I believe that he is the best choice to make a winning team that won't cost millions as it would be the case with Capello. On the football pitch don't expect another Dream Team though...
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GaspartJoan said:

Next season expect many games like yesterday's,
I`m sure Bianchi will put his faith in Riquelme and Saviola. Maybe he will give Iniesta a shot aswell?

About Dream Team> There`s only two persons in the world who can create such team, that`s God and Johan Cruyff. Which actually means that it`s only one person since those two are the same person.
about barc,a finances? is our financial situation this bad? did we not spend the most money of any team last year? Saviola, christanval, coco, andersson, rochemback, giovanni?????

As for bianchi.. I don't like him that much.. but at least he is successful.. nobody can argue with his success.

I guess this closes the door on any possibility of johan cruyff returning to the nou camp. :depress: :depress: :depress:

Its funny that you made the God reference, because only the greatest of all should be allowed to walk the grass at the holiest place in soccer.. I hope bianchi is up to the task.
i think

barca need just a big manager...and if they take the risk with bianchi...they will lose again...:mad: :rolleyes:
no risks again...:mad:
I don`t even know what to feel about that. From one side Bianchi is experienced coach, who knows football and have won the titles. From other side he proved nothing in Europe. Of course, if we sign him, I hope he becomes the 2nd Cuper or even better.

GJ, why are you so sure he will be our next manager? I mean, he is one of the candidates - that`s a fact. But you can never sure for 100% with our Prez. Especially when it`s a new manager we`re talking about. :eek:
one more reason why riquelme might want to leave argentina in the summer (and hopefully join barcelona)

Argentine midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme's younger brother Cristian has been freed following a day-long kidnap after his family paid a ransom, investigators said.

Local media reported the kidnappers had demanded up to $500,000 for the release of the 17-year-old brother of the Boca Juniors player, but there were no details on the ransom paid.

"He appeared (on Thursday morning) after being released by his kidnappers in a suburb of Buenos Aires," a local investigation official overseeing the case told local radio, adding that he had not been harmed but was in shock.

from reuters

iam afraid about him...he will be our play maker next season beside rivaldo , so we are waiting his arrive....
what is that news, it look likes a movie;)
Laska kolbaska said:

GJ, why are you so sure he will be our next manager? I mean, he is one of the candidates - that`s a fact. But you can never sure for 100% with our Prez. Especially when it`s a new manager we`re talking about. :eek:

Well, Laska, I am not 100% sure but considering the limited number of options and the restirictions upon many of the candidates, Bianchi seems to me the most plausible choice.

Koeman will not come while Gaspart is our president
Irureta has said that Deportivo will have the first option to renew his contract
Luis Fernandez has had only relative success so far although he is still young.
Now, the Barcelona press are talking about Luis Aragones?!...

According to a Catalan newspaper the favourite choice among the board of directors is Irureta, but only if Deportivo fail to keep him he will be available.
As you know Capello has signed a new contract with Roma so hi is out of the picture. In today's Diario Sport details are given of the contacts between Capello and Gaspart. Aparently Capello wanted 8 new signings worth on the region of 100 million euros, which Barcelona can't afford.

So, a coach with prestige, who is willing to work with the current players, who is AVAILABLE at present.....I can only think of one name and that is Carlos Bianchi, and if he brings with him Riquelme....
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The good thing is... it doesn't matter who will be the coach, because there're no way he can be worse than Rexach. I mean, there's nothing worse than this poor man
nobody answered the q about finances.. anyway

I don't believe this that irureta might not come because depor will resign him. We can get irureta as long as we are willing to repay the right price. Would you pay deportivo 5mil euros for irureta? I sure would.

Bianchi is ok.. but very few players have succeeded right away after coming to europe.. I fear the same with riquelme. I like JRR, but maybe VDV would be a better options.. especially since he has spanish roots and has a EU passport...

i still want irureta.. I know that some don't considering he was made to look like a fool by alex ferguson.
Based on the past

I bet your new coach will be the B-Team manager;) :D
Rexach reveals his staying power

Friday 5th April 2002

Under-fire Barcelona coach Charly Rexach is confident he will survive the season whatever the outcome of make-or-break games again Athletic Bilbao and Panathinaikos following talks with president Joan Gaspart.

Barca travel to Bilbao on Saturday evening desperate for three points to keep their La Liga hopes alive, and three days later they will attempt to overhaul a 1-0 first-leg deficit at home to Panathinaikos in the quarter-finals of the Champions' League.

Lose both games, and the season really is over.

Gaspart called in on training on Friday to chat with Rexach and his players ahead of a vital few days for the club. But, rather than add to the pressure, Gaspart's visit appeared to lift spirits.

"The president has said that I will continue until the end of the season and came down to wish all the players luck for our next two games," explained Rexach.

Pressure has been growing on the Catalan club's board to bring in a new coach after Barca's failure to keep pace in a wide-open title race. Roma boss Fabio Capello was heavily linked with the job, but that option was removed this week when he signed a new two-year deal with the Italian side.

And Gaspart has moved to dismiss speculation that he will attempt to find a new coach before the end of the current campaign.

Rexach also reacted to rumours that several members of the board have voiced their discontent with him.

"Gaspart and the directors that travel to all the away games, like Angel Fernandez and Francesc Closa, are ready to support me until the very end," he said.

"I also believe that I have the full support of the players. Not just from two or three of them, but from all 25, even those that do not play very often."

After Gaspart had met all the players he spoke privately with Rexach for half an hour, but refused to speak to the awaiting press conference.

"We did not talk about the future beyond the end of the season," Rexach continued. "But we have done on numerous occasions in the past and we have agreed that we will see what happens in the summer.

"I have another year on my contract, but now is not the time to talk about whether I will fulfil that.

"It is normal for him to come to meet the players because they needed a lift before two very important games that we have coming up.

"He wished everybody luck for the trip to Athletic Bilbao and for the second leg match against Panathinaikos on Tuesday."

The Barca coach went onto speak about Patrick Kluivert's comments that he chose the wrong team to face Panathinaikos, and that the tactics were not effective.

"People always say this after a defeat," he said. "If we had won then nobody would have said a thing. But if we lose against Panathinaikos on Tuesday then it would be a disaster.

"In fact, I have said all along that I will consider myself to have failed this season if Barcelona do not win the European Cup."

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Barça vice-president confirms we`re talking with Irureta and Claudio Ranieri (Chelsea) about coaching Barça next season. What that Ranieri doing in the list!?

Anyways, this time, Gaspart will sign well known manager at least.
This is the lastest on the new Barça coach:

Dicho esto, abandonó el disfraz de entrenador y tomó prestado el de director técnico para dibujar el retrato robot de su hipotético sucesor. "Debe conocer el fútbol español y el club porque es un poco diferente a todos. Saber el encanto que tiene el Barcelona cuando lleguen aquí". O sea, Irureta y Víctor Fernández toman ventaja. Curiosamente, ninguno de ellos ha renovado con Deportivo y Celta.

Rexach , who will not continue next year, said yesterday that the new coach must know Spanish football, and Barcelona's peculiar idiosincracy. So, it looks like the new coach will be someone who has coached or played in Spain. Irureta and Victor fernandez have not renewed their contracts yet. Only those two seem real candidates at the moment, and that would explain why Gaspart said that there is not option for Riquelme anymore, as Bianchi is not being considered for the post. Schuster and Koeman played for Barça and have promising careers ahead, but I doubt very much that Gaspart will "risk" on those young coaches.
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any one is better than the stupid rexach:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Emperor said:
any one is better than the stupid rexach:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :mad:
... who never had any success with Barca, huh? :rolleyes:

Its okay telling the team is not playing that well but still we should have respect for a man that has done so much for our beloved Barca. :)
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