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Biakolo given a chance

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I think that this young player is very talented and should be given a chance to prove that he has the potential to be one of the best players in the world in the coming years.
He will only get his chance by playing regularly in serie A
and in the Champions League .So what do you think.
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We al know this kind of chance will never occur at INTER so instead of deluding ourselves we should all be hoping that he is loaned out. At 18 he is even younger than CHino when he first signed so mabye by the time he is 21 he can be as good as Chino. He just needs to be loaned out.
actually i never expect Biakolo to be an Inter player, he was from Montepeller free transfer?? i can't remember but i was surprised to see him playing for Inter (in the Italian summer series against Parma and Napoli and other pre-season friendlies), however after watching him played i now expect a lot from this youngster in the future, physically he shows good pace and strength, he still need some work on the tactical part for Inter though, i saw him a couple of times ran into wrong space and missed quite a few chances..

well, no matter how good he is he would still have to fight for a starting place, he has got five six players to pass by before he could even start on the bench, i think he would be better off if Inter would loan him for a couple of years before bringing him back to the squad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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