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As a frequent visitor of the Lazio forum, i would like to know if some of you bet on footballmatches.

If yes,

- were do you get your info? ( any good sites)

- on what do you base your choices? ( to place your money on a particular team)

- and ofcourse, do you win?

I bet around 150$ a week and as a student I make quiet a lot of money. Ofcourse I am never certain to have money and I am stressed during the weekend every weekend.

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I bet, but not just on football but on every sport, even horse races... :p

I got once 1500 SIT = 15 DEM, and once 30 DEM

that's all :):):)
witha Kiko and Salva ATL madrid will kick AS*

I also bet sometimes, with those toto-thingies.

I never won anything though..but I just do it when I feel like it..or when the results will speak for itselves..
its not like I am addicted or anything..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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