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best villarreal player this season?

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well other then roman of course......... i think font has been really good... forlan is scoring but im gonna be honest i dont think i'll ever like him ....

1.) Font
2.) Guayre
3.) Venta ( he works really hard )
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Gonzalo Rodriguez
and best prospect by far: Font, he deserves more time in the pitch

Honorable mentions: Forlan and Guayre, but still are Forlan and Guayre (specially Guayre did anyone notice how he increasily becomes annoying while the minutes pass and Pellegrini is forced every time to change him? he is dumb as few, but at least he is scoring and deserve a congrat in that).
Josico and Javi Venta are breaking their asses and passing the ball to Roman or Font in regular basis, that changed a lot the whole team.
Arruabarruena this second part of the season is lookng like old regular, always there good Vasco. Battaglia had some awesom games, with no few lows, and hard problem with his wife not adapting an dhim missing Boca, I hope he recvers, because in so,me games he was a blast like in Boca all over the pitch, and with class, he still very young and loaded, he must return and WANT to be ther, he has to focus...
The thing is Gauyre is bare now because he is scoring, but remember the assist of Roman not last match, the other? when he received an extra long pass leaving him face to face with keeper and nail it? well regularly, he miss it or try to dribble the air, and I saw it TONS; he will still be a dumb ass all his career, because that is Guayre, and every match when Villareal began to let the protagonism to the rival, and wants to counter he **** every counter in the most idiotic ways, but always he will be, (because he has skills beside being fast) better than Jose Mari.
The thing is that more than he actually is doing, is asking bananas to a lemon tree, so far let's hope he keeps this level, and don't be his usuall him he whole time as he used, who knows may be he ends maturing..don't think so anyaway...
Chino, I like Forlan but he always needed ten chances to nail two, now he is on fire, and should see that one of the goals was just a gift from Roman (was almost like a neighbourhood match, Roman recognize how Forlan is breaking his ass, and happy for Cachavacha, because Roman won't stop till he made him top scorer, is easy to see he likes him a lot, ask Delgado when Roman likes you how it works).

Forlan can be annoying as hell like at the start of the season when he missed tons, or was always in the wrong place. I watched him tons, and I can't dislike him even throwing tons of chances, don't know why, I'm not objective with him cause I'm fond of him, he is intelligent dude, and as I said far from problematic, but as Palermo, as Morete, as Silvani, once were great goalscorers due to two things: balls to go for every ball, and a great Bochini/Roman/Gallardo/Enzo behind..nevertheless he is great in opening spaces (goal of Roman against Valencia is half from Forlan because he take two man leaving the space), also out of the area he passes the ball, not like others (Jose MAri and cia)...even if the image of Loco and mine is extreme, kind of happened with him many times...he reminds a lot of Cruz and Silvani, can't say they are bad, can't say they are great either, but in the three cases great guys tha work for the team, and only sellfissh when the roles demand. When this dudes get into the system of a team, get in contact with a player like Roman, they increase the level of them tons, because they are intelligent, and may miss chances but know elementall stuff of the game, some with more skills lack.
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And who is saying his bad? is Cruz bad? was Silvani that bad when cursed by many River fans because of not being that stilysh? and Palermo was so good to play alone?

Chino, Forlan is having a great moment and as now is reponsible for nailing many goals, he was so for missing them the first half, that could have put Villareal even upper, the assist for him Figueroa, Guayre, and Mari, were there like now, but none respond, nobody is denying Forlan level, and will increase in this great understanment with Roman, and the miracle is that while Roman usually started tons of plays and the ball returned like a squere now is returning round, far from a miracle, it what it should be since first day. As I said I always rated Forlan in that step of Cruz, Silvani, and others that can play, but aren't super skill, that score in regular basis but miss lots too, that are wise to move out the area, but not precisly awesome none of them, and I saw him in every post here, so what is claim?
That's a respectable opinion, I don't argue that.
What I don't understand is people that say that Forlan is bad and can't see the facts that denie that.

Not mentioning Forlan in a match where he had a first role is being biased against a player.
Seeing people that don't think Forlan is between the 4th best players in this team is just crazy. I would even argue people that don't think he is between the 2 best players in this team. But not even beetween the 4th best is just being against him without foundation. This is just incredible.

But here almost everyone mentioned him, and can blame on me only for not putting him alongside Reina and Gonzalo, and btw I really think you are arguing with the wrong person, i almost feel every uruguayan player as if he were Argentinian, and if I have to be accused of anything is from being biased with them. The thing is that even recognizing Palermo being a Boca fan, never will be Kempes or Bati, even recognizing the skills of Ibagaza, Insua, Equi Gonzalez, D'Alessandro, Romagnoli, never will consider them in the step of Roman, there are tons of players I like but I'm always afraid of a low of form to drop to the subway, and hurts more cause I want bad them to be at high level in regular basis, put Forlan there, put Andres D'Alessandro there, etc...but I can't be blind to my own judgment, that is all btw, MY judgement, no final truth.

I feel endless trust in some players regardless their actuall form, I feel trust in some players base mainly in their ACTUALL.

And the bottom line is that if Villareal is playing great, is just becauise they are playing as team in regular basis.
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Well, I'm not nice with any striker that misses chances when Roman make them so I'm biased and was unfair to Forlan in the past, even as I said I like him...anyway here he is very well considered as you see, and I hope continues this way, today when him and roman hog after the goal, and laugh was great!!!! they are confident, and they are focus, and above they are great persons that deserve to have great moments...
Reina, he's proving he's one of the most talented goalkeepers in Spain... i'm not surprised that Manchester and Liverpool want him, he's NT material (look at the future: Casillas-Reina-Valdés).
He is great since long, he even deserve the NT to see if he is at the standart, in my opinion he is the most intelligent keeper, by far, anyway Spain has great keepers like el Dragon, Ikel, and Valdez that is maturing, but Valdez and Ikel seem to be always the guys capable of the impossible, and suffering the more idiot goal, they are so blessed (specially Casillas) in the physical department, that they have some really grose errors for trust too much only in that.

One of the last games Casillas made three outstanding saves, merelly impossible for the majority of keepers, but the truth also is that if in the first save instead of sent the ball to the middle of the area, he sent it to a flank, or the corner, the other two wouldn't exist.
He reminds of Constanzo in River, they can fly from post to post, but many times they can save themselves from doing it just being well positioned, and many three chances save in a row like the example could be just one by sending the ball yo the correct place, or that lost art of grabbing it, that Reina still remembers btw...
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