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Best striker in English Premiership...

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It has been an argument all season about who is better: Henry or Ruud Van Nistel.

But there is also the likes of Owen and Hasselbank.

My vote goes to Henry, because he has a magnificent season and I beleive has more to his game than Ruud Van.

Who do you guys think?
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Im not sure, I wouldn't rate Owen up with Van Nistelrooy, Hasselbaink and Henry though.

It's hard to say because they are different types of strikers and all bring different things to the table.

Van Nistelrooy has great power and physical strength and is quite quick. He is more of a poacher and scores goals mostly from close range. He has already been likened to Van basten and will get better and better. Van Nistelrooy is also a very hard worker and never gives up. His downside is he cannot really go past players like the other two can.

Hasselbaink again is different, he also has great power and strength but has the most amazing strike I have ever seen. The anount of power he can get into his shot and have great accuracy is simply phenomenal. His downside though is that he scores a couple of goals and then doesn't score for 3 to 4 games.

Henry has amazing pace and skill and mostly is one of those strikers ala Owen who like to run onto the ball. He is the fastest player I have ever seen, the only downside to him I think is that he is not a big game player ie. the FA cup final last season.

It's so close between these 3 and it very hard to say and I can't tell you which one Id choose.
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