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What about this one?? LAZIO & romamerda!!!:D


Inter Milan have good relationships with :

Real Madrid
Brescia (we own that club)
Charlton Athletic
Maritimo (in Portugal)
Kiddeminster Harriers (nah..only joking)

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Does Inter own Brescia?I didn´t know that. Maybe you´re joking.
Moratti and Sanz seems to be best friends.
Moratti and Cragnotti will hate each other after the Vieri not transfer because Cragnotti will keep on pushing Moratti and he will be sick of it.

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Well it would be arrogant of me to castigate you guys for the inadvertant crapp you guys are spewing out so i'll juts explain the truth to you.

Yes Moratti and Sanz get on pretty well.

INTER and Barca are sworn enemies because INTER did with R9 exactly what they have done with Farinos.

Milan and INTER get on very decentlyw ith each other they are probably the most civil teams to each other who are invloved in cross town rivalry.

Contrary to popular belief we get on extremely well with Man Utd since the Ince deal and also teh Silvestre stuff. Also we had agreed to sell Dabo to them but he instead chose Parma......smart kid.

As for Liverpool we also have a good relationship with them.

Bayern Munich are also part of our ring of friends ever since the Mathaeus stuff.

In Italy we never deal with Juve unless we are desperate. Parma and INTER are definately not on speakng terms.

Our only real friend in Italy is Lazio. Since the 1970's-90's it has gone without saying. Roma and Milan are firends while Inter and Lazio are firends.

Milan and INTER might only be enemies on the field but Roma and Lazio goes alot further than that. So naturally Milan and INTER have a bit of a rivalry off the field. but nothing compared with the Roman off teh field rivalry

In Spain however we are generally hated by everyone for
1> We are Italians......di Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2> We are the team that took R9 away from La Liga and promptly stook him on the convalesing table.

3> We've done it again with another darling of the spanish media Farinos.

Moratti better get real and stop pi$$ing off the spanish


I think Inter and manure have got the best relationship.... just being naughty here :p
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