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Best Juve goal of the season

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Now that the season is almost finished we can talk about fine and beautiful goals.

I have 2 favourites: it's not only because of the goal but also because of the preparation. I'm talking about Trezeguet's goals against Celtic. I remember Salas run on the right side of the field fooling Valgaeren and giving a perfect assist. The other one was from the leftside: Del Piero fooling two defenders and giving a perfect assist.

Also Del Piero's free-kick against Celtic in Glasgow was astonishing.
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zambro's goal against milan in the coppa italia wasnt too bad.

nedveds left foot crack outside the box, i think his second goal of the season, was brilliant too.

del pieros free-kicks in general all have been good.

davids did a nice one on the left side of the field, i think his first goal of the season.
Well, I can't say exactly. But Nedved's goal against Udinese was superb. Also the goal of Zambrotta against Milan. So are DP's free kicks. BTW, Nedved's last goal against Piacenza is a beautiful one too.
Although I can't see all Juve goals:depress: , the last goal from Nedved was my goal of the season. Especially the moment was great and a relief as well!
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