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Best DiviziaA players-need your oppinion

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Could you kindly make a team out of the best 11 players in Div.A, in your oppinion?

Mine is:

Dolha- Stoican,Radoi,Iencsi,Rat- G Popescu, Schumacher, Sinmartean, Nivaldo- Pancu, Cursaru.

Although, I had some tough thinking to do at the goalkeepers (hardly decided between Dolha, Lobont and Dossey), and at the strikers (Cursaru, Vacsko).
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Nivaldo? The guy is completely crap! The only Brazilian who cannot dribble. Hey, he cannot do anything right.

Cr. Munteanu
Stoican - Radoi - Iencsi - Rat
Sanmartean - G. Popescu - Ov. Petre - Sabau
Pancu - Cursaru
here's mine:


positions:from right to left

Gk:Bogdan Lobont (Dinamo Bucuresti)
Def: Fl.Dumitru(Steaua)-Radoi(Steaua)-Iencsi(Rapid)-Stoican(Craiova)
Mid:Talvan(Dinamo)-Ov Sabau(Rapid)-Trica(Steaua)-Sanmartean(Gloria)

Subs: Cr.Munteanu(GK-Otelul)::Kirita(Def-Dinamo)::Baciu(Def-Steaua)::L.Mihai(Att-Farul)::Cl.Niculescu(Att::Dinamo)::Cl.Dragan(Att-Dinamo)::Mid.....I don't know

that's it

:eek: :D :angel:
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My team (4-4-2)

Fl.Dumitru-Sabau-Gabi Popescu-Tanase

-Denis Serban
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