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Myanmar (also known as Burma) had one of the best Asian national teams in the 1960s and 1970s. They won Asian Games twice (1966 and 1970) and Southeast Asian Games five times (in 1965, 1967, 1969, 1971 and 1973); moreover, they lost the Asian Cup final in 1968 and participated at the 1972 Summer Olympics, where they made good performances (0-1 losts against USSR and Mexico and a 2-0 win against Sudan).

So, who were the best Burmese football players ever? English Wikipedia only talks about Suk Bahadur and I can't find any further information on any other player, except for the names of the goal scorers of some matches (who are not really useful informations to determine who were the best players of that team).

The only little (very little) information that I found is in an article published of the website of FIFA who talks about the 1972 Summer Olympics: "Soe Than and Aung Moe Thin got the Burmese goals that day, while goalkeeper Aung Tin and defensive general Win Nyunt Myo also did themselves proud on German turf".

So, we can maybe suppose that Aung Tin was a good goalkeeper and Win Nyunt Myo the best defender of a team who dominated Asian football for almost a decade? Anyone can help me in this research? Are there any Burmese users in this forum? Thank you! :)

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Never seen any of them playing.

Suk Bahadur was a RW in classic WM formation. He played from late 50s to late 60s.


Aung Tin (GK) and Win Nyunt Myo (CB), are played in the 70s.
Olympic Football Tournament 1972 (National Squads)
You may need to download Burmese letter script support.

Bert Trautmann coaching the national team from 1972-74 (Just after the Olympic)

Ironically their footballing power started to diminish when Trautmann taking over the national team from Sein Hlaing, their legendary coach from the 50s to 1972.
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