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I think that alHowaidy (Q8) along with *Sho Je Jo from Japan are the best...then comes

2-Ali Daei (Iran )
3- Sami Al Jaber (KSA)
4- Bashardo (Q8)
5-Al-Anzi (Qatar)

* I hope I spelled his name right.

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Asian best top 5 striker

haha... I know Asian soccer very~ well
I saw many asian teams game.
I think Asian top level strikers are ..

Ali Daei(Iran)
Hwang Sun-Hong(Korea rep)
Choi Yong-Soo(Korea rep)
Al Jaber(Saudi)

and second level strikers...

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haha ...
Japan striker Shoji Jo ?

Hwang Sun-hong (He is best asian striker in 90')
(w94, vs Germany : 1 goal)
(He scored 24goal in 25games in J-league 99)
Choi Yong-Soo (World cup 98 asian qulifers top scorer)
Lee Dong-**** (Did you see Lee Dong-**** in W98:Korea vs
Holland ? Did you see Lee in Gold cup2000 ?)
Ahn Jung-Hwan (He will go to Perugia soon. and Let's
see him)
Kim Do-hoon (He beated the Brazil !)

Those are better than Shoji Jo.
and Many Korea strikers are better than Jo.
Shoji Jo is bad Striker.
Korea have many good strikers.
Asian best striker in 90' are
Hwang Sung-hong and Ali Daei.

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well i think the best are :
1- Jasim Al-Howaidi.
2- Mohammed Al-Einezi.
3- Ali Daei.
4- Bashar Abdulla.
5- Faraj Laheeb.
6- the big man from China i forgot his name ;)

by the way : Salihamidic is from Bosnia so he's European
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