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Besiktas - Fenerbahce (The Decisive Game)

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Galatasaray - 66
Fener - 63
Besiktas - 61

The above standings say it all...

If Fener and Besiktas drop points in this game and gala wins, Gala is most probably the champion of 2001-2002!

If Gala loses, and fener wins, It would be the most depressing 2 weeks of my life:dazed:

and besiktas would be out...

This is the most decisive game of the season...Radu's golden header in the 85th minute put Gala in advantage, but can they keep it up?

Well, it all depends on this weekend.:cool:

btw, I predict a draw:tongue: :D
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We will win..
If we win the game, we secure a CL spot...If we lose, then we're back to the position we where in last year, with nothing going our way..

Tumer will be marked tightly, and Ilhan will be a ticketless spectator on the field :devil:

Carlito, if we are level on points, do you know how they judge the champion? Is it on goal difference (like Lorant says) or countback (like Aragon claims)? :)
if we r level on points, they look at the games we played and pon that case, we are champions.
Oh sh!t the Fener players are stupid...:groan:

Why couldn't they score another 2 or 3 goals against the 7 men of Gala??!! :wallbang:
We have to win this game, and we will 2-1;)

Revivo and Serhat will come through for us, and Haim will not miss the penalty this time.
We have to win this game, and we will 2-1
It's decided. 2-1:cool:
2-1 is not enough :rolleyes:

We must teach them a lesson because they ended our dream run at Kadiköy :devil:

First of all, if we keep Tümer out of the game, we'll keep a clean sheet :)
Then, with our form of the last 2 weeks, we'll score 2-3 goals :)

So, I want 3-0 :strong:

Bah! Forget that crap, 3 points is enough for me, no matter how we get it :tongue:
I am hoping for Besiktas to win, because it will put them within 5 points of Gala(us) and fener 6. If they draw fener will be within 5 points and I feel safer if Besiktas is within 5 points than fener. Also I rather see fener in the uefac cup and BJK in the CL.

This is all if GS beats Istanbul!!

I also heard that Besiktas fans have something planned for Revivo, because of this thing in the middle east between Isreal and Palestine. Lets hope nothing stupid happens, and have a peaceful game!
Lets hope nothing stupid happens, and have a peaceful game!
I totally agree. I hope the game is gonna be a peacefull one:hopefull:
Good luck to both teams although I understand both team can not be lucky at the same time :D
But I think if BJK loses then new J.B.T era will start.
I actually missed Besiktas fans' song: Jooooohn Benjaaamin Toschak, Toschak..... :D
Only a day to go :eek:

Rustu's fitness is still unknown, but Mirkovic is 100% :)
Only a day to go
Actually the picture has changed a lot today:rolleyes:

Galatasaray beat Istanbul 2-0:eek:

So, their chances for championship has really increased:eek:

IMO, chances for championship are

GS %45
FB % 35
BJK %20
is anyone watching the match?

I only can see the result on "video-text"... 0:2

who scored? does Fener deserve it?

I am sorry for my father... he is watching.. He must be mad right now :depress:
Serhat scored both goal. there were 4 red cards. Alieren, umit ozat, ilhan mansiz, ceyhun. I followed the game at www.antu.com and I think it was an very ugly match. There were protests to the federation, to isreal, to revivo and many more. But I think those guys at antu are holigans, they are very unporfessional and instead of anlaysing the game they critisize people and there personal lives, say very immature things. That website should be shutdown!!! Anyway congrads fener. I think there will be incidents after the game, but we gotta wait and see.
In the 35th minute, Serhat fouled Ali Eren, but the ref missed it...Ali Eren acted like the idiot he is, and kicked out at Serhat right in front of the Linesman, and got a red card...

Serhat's 1st goal was a very good counter-attack, with Ali Gunes running down the left wing and crossing to Serhat. He beat the defender to the ball and scored :happy:

Just after half time, a long ball was played to Serhat, and he controlled, and out ran the defence to score another :strong:

Besiktas' keeper must take the blame for this goal however, as Serhat's 2nd touch on the ball was poor, and he should have come out of his goal to intercept the ball. Instead, he stood, waiting on his goal-line :tongue:

Umit Ozat got 2 soft yellow cards, and was sent off in the 77th minute...
Ilhan followed soon after, but I don't know what he did. I think he abused the referee or done something off the ball :confused: Either way, he deserved about 4 yellow cards throughout the game, and it was justice when he got sent off :)

Ceyhun got a 2nd yellow for time wasting, although all he did was get the ball for a throw in, and give it to his teammate...:confused:

The referee was pretty poor throughout the whole game, missing clear fouls, and giving cards/free kicks to fair tackles :rolleyes:
But anyway, I'm not one to complain....WE WON!!! :strong:
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This game was a complete to turkish soccer. 4 red cards, some cheap ones, especially the one shown to ceyhun, and many yellows...

the players were so agressive. i thought i was wtaching a wrestling instead of soccer..Ilhan is a complete maniac.

then the protests ti revivo because he is an Israeli...

what the **** does revivo have to do with whats happening in the middlea east? we had a bunch of stupid idiots who thought they had the right to insult a very good man because of his race..they should be punished for this..

Besiktas played terrible..fener was no better but they used their chances..Mhyre was the responcible ofr the second goal..Serhat did everything so that Mhyre leaves the oal and takes control of the ball in one one one but instead he watied in his goal line until serhat was a meter in front of him..

ali eren was given red card unfairly, or at least, serhat should have been given one too..serhat jumps on him and elbows him, then ali eren kicks him,...serhat gets nothing, alieren a red card..


This game was a comlete disaster and I realized the level of quality has gone down dramatically in the league..if these 2 are the best 3 teams of the league, then I woner, how we will be humiliated again another year in the CL unless Gala does smt..
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I haven't seen the full game yet, but from the highlights, and comment from the sports writers, it looks like Fener played just like they wanted to. They prevented Besiktas from having any clear scoring chances, and they scored 2 goals from well worked counter-attacks...

Ali Eren said after the game that although he feels Serhat was responsible too, under no circumstance should he have retaliated by kicking him...Which is true..
FIFA's rules for retaliation are more strict than the rules for starting an incident...
I wouldn't go as far as saying that these teams will be humiliated in Europe though. Derby matches are rarely remembered for the quality of football, rather they are remembered for any sort of controversy that may arise...Remember Fener-Gala? I didn't hear you say taht both teams would be killed in Europe after that game :confused:

Both sets of supporters where shameful, although the Besiktas fans where worse (mainly due to the fact that they outnumbered Fener fans)...
I also didn`t see the match and I am referring to your posts now. I don`t wonder why both teams played ugly football. Don`t have to mention the reasons. Both are under pressure.
BJK lost any chances to win the title this year. If Fener would have been the loser, they also could give up and we had celebrate.

Our opponent is Fener right now.

I wonder why the BJK-Fans get crazy? They were the calmest fans in Turkey.

Like Carlito said before, there are some stupid people and when one person starts yelling stupid things or starts making trouble a lot of other fans follow. And most of them are kids. I hate that!
Ali Eren should have never responned him..he behaved awfully..however, i was criticizing the referee..he should have punished serhat as well..

i am not sure if fener played just like they wanted to...fener played terrible just like besiktas and gala did this weekend..

but there was somone who made the difference on field today...


he never appeared for the whole 90 minuted except 2 passes..

and those happened to be the goals..he is what i call a great player..somebody who can take the responsibility and affect the result...

Besiktas was a comlete diasaster..but fener played smarter..the btter out of the two bad won..and they deserved defnitely...I dont necessarily listen to any of those critics because I have been hearing thek for years now and they all say the same story..whoever wins, seems to have played so smart..exaggerate everything...

maybe, one thinks, I am mad about fener getting close to gala, but, I am indeed mad about what i saw today...they fight, they curse each other..they did everything but play soccer..I have not seen one besiktas attack the whole game, but Ilhan screaming at the ref the whole game and kicking mustafa dogan and vice versa..

are these people on field to be sportsmen?

I dont think so.

I dont blame them either...is it the media who have pumped them up to this level, or their coache..or the presidents...or the referees...or our fans who mix sports with politics?...what about I generalize and blame our people's mentalities?

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I dont blame them either...is it the media who have pumped them up to this level, or their coache..or the presidents...or the referees...or our fans who mix sports with politics?...what about I generalize and blame our people's mentalities
You pointed out an important subject. I think the media is the one which mostly responsible from this big mass. Then of course the presidents. I don't think the responsibility of coaches and refrees comparably as big as the others.

I think beginning from the presidents of the clubs, they should get together in order to say that this is just a ball game, don't put any more meaning to it. Don't make it a life or death issue. Because it's not.
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