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Back home, we will be facing the mighty Moreirense, tomorrow at 20.45 GMT+1

After losing against the terrifying Arouca last week, we need to pull not only a victory, but a convincing one to put back the levels of confidence into the team

Moreirense lost both of the previous games, didnt score a single goal and suffered 4....enough said, so everyone knows whats the teams obligation this saturday

These are the players called by Rui Vitoría:

Goalies: Ederson , Júlio César

Defenders: Lisandro López, Luisão, Eliseu, Sílvio, André Almeida , Nélson Semedo;

Midfield: Fejsa, Samaris, Gaitán, Ola John, Gonçalo Guedes, Pizzi, Talisca, Victor Andrade , João Teixeira;

Forwards: Raul Jiménez, Mitroglou , Jonas

FORÇA BENFICA :wee: :wee: :wee:

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Watched the final 30. Still struggling to score goals. Jonas muffed a few chances before scoring the winner. Vitoria had to go very offensive before they banged in the equalizer. Lots of work still do. Luisao still looks off. Gaitan is still the best player on the team. Without him, they'd go off the rails.

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we are still missing the 3 players we were missing before the season started: the winger, the left back and the creative midfielder

so if rui vitoria, or anyone else is to do something this season, luis filipe vieira has to give him the basics

so far im glad with what i have seen from the newbies nelson semedo, vitor andrade, and gonçalo guedes

lisandro lopez is set, we had him in the bench last year but hes clearly ready , luisão is still important but he obviously cant run ( never did) , he's all about positioning, so lisandro cant move forward so much, thats not his role

eliseu is driving me nuts, he's playing terribly terribly

gaitan is starting well the season, samaris looks shaky and pizzi was really bad yesterday. talisca wasnt much better. is fejsa injured?

jonas missed a couple goals, but hs the man, mitroglou hasnt gelled in yet but one can see he has what it takes ( and what a head he has), jimenez....couldnt expect better from him as he entered and scored and what a wonderful header (from an amazing assist from gaitan)

julio cesar is currently a god in our net

the coach needs as i said , and really needs, those men for those positions,LFV cant get cheap on it, otherwise we can say goodbye to all competitions this season. rui vitoria is playing a bunch of newbies who are clearly talented and i greet him for that, but one cant make omeletes without eggs, we need experience in there aswell, and competition, a couple players there are feeling too comfy ( eliseu, pizzi...)

as for the game....once more we didnt enter well, although always played better than moreirense, and clearly dominated the game, in their 1st and only goal situation they scored the 0-1 and then did the same as arouca last week, started falling down like rotten apples aaaaall game long

this time though big up for the ref, that unlike last week, had a much more professional approach and didnt let them bitch him up

jimenez header and samaris shot ( stunning) didnt come out of nowhere, we were pressing HARD to get those goals , and rui took a huge risk in taking out a defender and letting in a 3rd forward, but im glad he had the balls to do it, otherwise we would never have scored the way things were

losing 0-1 or 0-2 would have been the same, so good call

moreirense then scores a clearly offside goal , although its not the refs fault really, as his assistant in a perfect position told him it was legal .....

and then benfica scored back, in a very deserved goal from jonas, and put justice in the result

3-2, suffered a lot watching it, but its positive to see how the team reacted , never giving up, its the way to go

we have of coz a lot of things to work there, a LOT.....the team needs to gel, we need to start much stronger and of course the players neeed to learn to work with one another, the combinations are still lacking, but they will be there

it takes time, even if time is not on our side

LFV, we need those men , and we need gaitan to stay

FORÇA Benfica
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