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O Jogo reported today that Benfica is interested in acquiring the skills of the skilled but erratic Dani from Ajax. Apparently he was to be loaned out to Atletico Madrid but since they were relegated to the 2nd division, he is considering Benfica....

I think if this happens, part of our midfield problems might be solved, because Dani is a creative and talented midfielder!

Not anymore, in his first two seasons Dani looked like a promising talent, very creative, powerful and accurate left-foot, good dribbling skills, extremely quick.
I don't know wether or not he still has this attributes because last season he was nothing more than a hopeless loser, he was definitely among the worst players of Ajax, for instance he usualy went for personal glory, trying to take on the defence by himself, and that usualy failed, Wouters scolded and condemned him several time just before he got fired.
The sooner Dani leaves Ajax, the better.
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