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well i want start this thread after the firstWALEM's:heart: goal for Torino:eek:

Are u interestd if every weeks i write something about the belgians in Serie A and Serie B?
...surely i can write more about Johan and Mudingayi...and Gillet:D

Witch other belgians we have?
Olivier Renard, Oliveria...and? :eek: i don't remember:eek:

by the way, yesterday Mudingayi played for 10 minutes and was funny because every time Walem suggested him what to make with the ball:D
Johan yesterday scored a nice goal... free-kick !!!! damn he's sooooo good with the free-kicks :star:...and he was one of the best in field for Toro yesterday :)

so if u're interested i can write all ratings (my personal ratings lol:D) about them,if not i will write the same:D because i need to write about Walem :rolleyes: :D
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