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Dear Managers of Xtratime,

I am writing to inform to you all I would like to become Blackburn Rovers Forum Manager. I would like to apply this position because I believe I could do a great job by making sure Blackburn Rovers is a place where football fans around the World can express their views on football issues and also debate on Blackburn Rovers.

I am a great fan of Blackburn Rovers and I will be privileged and honoured if all of you would consider of me becoming a forum manager of Blackburn Rovers.

I do know you have two forum managers already with Mutu and Firenze but I do know I do deserve to become a forum manager.
Both of them are doing a great job but with me in it I am sure it could be even better.

I hope you could soon make a decision on me becoming a manager at Blackburn Rovers

Your Sincerely,


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Welcome to XT

Thank you for your offer, we will bear it in mind.

However, I dont really think the forum is busy enough to warrant 3 FM's at this time.

We are always on the look out for good forum managers. So if you post there regularily and stay out of bother, (not that you would!), there would probably be no reason not to make you a FM there at the appropriate time.

Usually when a new forum manager is required, a thread will be started in that forum, asking for nominations.

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