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For a person to get involved in football with no prior experience at top level football is difficult ; you might even say impossible.
However, there are ways of doing it.

There are level 1 and 2 football coaching certificates given out by local county football associations in the UK. Upon completion of level 2, you can do the UEFA B coaching licence.

What I am curious to know is where coaches from the other European countries do their level 1 and 2 coaching certificates from ? I was told that Fabio Capello,Arrigo Sacchi and jose Mourinho did some sort of coaching training at a Scottish seaside town. ( i believe they did their level 2 or UEFA B licence there )

Does anyone also know about other english speaking places in the world which conducts these level 1 and 2 football coaching courses as well as the UEFA B coaching licence?

I would be most indebted.

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