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POSH and Becks are sitting in front of the television watching
the six o'clock news. The main story is a man threatening to jump
off the Clifton Suspension Bridge on to the busy road below. Posh
turns to Becks and says: "David, I bet you 5,000 that he jumps!"
to which Beckham replies " 5,000? Done! I bet that he doesn't."
So they shake hands on the bet and continue watching. Sure
enough, the man jumps and hits the road below with a loud thud.
Beckham takes 5,000 out of his back pocket and hands it to
Posh. But she refuses. "I can't take your money, David," she says.
"The truth is, I was cheating. I saw the five o'clock news, so I knew
he was going to jump." "No, babe," says David. "That money is
yours fair and square. I was cheating just as you were. I saw the
five o'clock news, too. I just didn't think he would do it again."


David Beckham goes shopping, and sees something interesting
in the kitchen department of a large department store. "What's
that?" he asks. "A Thermos flask," replies the assistant. "What
does it do?" asks Becks. The assistant tells him it keeps hot
things hot and cold things cold. Really impressed, Beckham buys
one and takes it along to his next training session. "Here, boys,
look at this," Beckham says proudly. "It's a Thermos flask." The
lads are impressed. "What does it do?" they ask. "It keeps hot
things hot and cold things cold," says David. "And what have you
got in it?" asks Roy Keane. "Two cups of coffee and a choc ice,"
replies David.

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Now they are two classics on a classic day:D
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