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Bayern vs Real

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Where is everyone?:confused: ....no one seems to be posting these days.....

so here comes the big one...

no figo ..and myabe no zidane...so our defence wont be stretched as much(that solari is having an amazing run though!!)..

We need those goals and that clean sheet...


Effenberg's time has come..he's slept through most of the season...today is the day to stand up and deliver....he surely knows that..he will not be on european stage..atleast at this level next season...he surely knows that...
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What do you mean only chance for silverware? :mad: FC Bayern is going to win the bundesliga too.:)
I'm very confident and cool as ice. Real will not score and if they're playing Cassilas and Hierro our first two goals are already scored.:D

Since we won that damn trophy last year I'm never nervous before or even during CL matches.
Real will not score

one can never be sure eric..all it takes is one magical moment...
remember in 2000 , when bayern played for me the best i'v seen them ...trailing 2-0 fromthe fisrt leg..they came out guns blazing at real...jancker scored early and we had 2 goals ruled out for offsied in the first 15 mins i think....and all of a sudden ....with his back to the goal..anelka outjumps kuffour (i think) and crashes a header past a diving khan right under the right hand T of the goal...it was a truly stunning header ...and what's more i think anelka had not scored for real with his head till then....that's all it takes...one magical inspired moment..

We had one player who could weave magic like that..scholl...and he isn't playing...we had a 2:1 chance of scroing off free kicks if he was there...what a pity !! :(

If we score early like we were doing at home last year...then were on our way....
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I am optimistic too but cautious not to predict a score. Scholl's Absence is a blow. Zidane will play and Figi is the only played not in the lineup of Real. Like Ed said, we need to try and score early. In the games we played last season, we always scored that early goal that gave us the edge. our forwards need to find their finishing touch.
Hargreaves must play even if Sagnol is fit to play. Is he?

I am not nervous but rather anxious. Around 2 hours left for this game. Viva Bayern :)
Just two more hours till the kick-off, I almost can't await it :D...

If we can score in the first 15 minutes we will crush them, if we can go with a 1-0 in the half we will win without getting a goal. If we get 0-1 down it will be very hard, but I expect the normal performance from Kahn (that means he will deny at least 2 goals) and from Cesar or Casillas (they will both give us 2 goals, no matter which clown will play), so I am not scared at all.

I predict a 2-0 win and a draw in Madrid (a draw would be something new :D). If nothing else will help, tackle Zidane and Raul, both aren't fit 100% :angel:, thats work for Effe and Jerry ;).
Oh no, Brazzo won't start due to a light injury :cry:. That will give RM a big advantage because RC has his side free then to attack, otherwise the right (Real's left) side would be completely ours with no defender (RC just sucks back :D).

I wish you luck ! My prediction is 1:0 or even 0:0. Boring game. :)
were trailing 1-0.....i'm afraid all is lost....:(
yeah ....a very boring game huh....:eek: ...

why cnat we play more like the way we dp the last 10 mins of every match...

2-1 3 mins to go..can we snathc another one..?
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

real stupid of elber and kovac.....hitzfiled will be infuriated...

2 cautions in the 89 min?....

guess the passion just got to them...
Boy! Wouldn't I want to forget the first 60 minutes of this game! :mute: We really sucked there and it seemed for bigger portions of the game that we were the away team. Real took advantage of Brazzo's absence and piled attack after attack on Sagnol. Just like Frank said, I was surprised that Brazzo was not included. When he came in, Bayern got into life and started playing with the right mentality.
Effenberg made amends for his lame wasted penalty kick. The usualy cool ice skipper looked nervous taking that penalty and it was one of the worse I've ever seen. Oh, and that Real goal was a joke! This must be one of Kahn's worst blunders, beside the classic one which creeped through his legs many years ago :D
It just bounced over his hand. Anyway, Kahn can always be forgiven :D
The best Bayern player today was by far Elber. The guy ran his socks off and was everywhere. He kept trying and trying and trying. He was really unlucky on the late header but his reward was the two assists that led to the two goals.
We gave Real so much space and they REALLY made full use of that. Zidane-Solari-RC were mapping all roads.

Given the circumstances this game went through, 2-1 is a great result. It is better than 0-1 and even 1-1.
I am happy we managed to win, but have to admit this was a below par display. The last 10-15 minutes were what I expect from a Bayern team. I hope Jancker is back for the second leg. I think Cruz needs some rest because he is looking more tired every game I see him.

hey Ed, I didnt see that Elber got a yellow card. Are you sure of this?
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no caution for Elber.
what an atmosphere awaits our fisrt 11 next week....it'll be like sheep walking to an abattoir....

bayern satnd between real and a fairy tale season in thier centenary year ...

can bayern do it again....
What a demonstration of the "German way" :)

Coming back after a lot of wasted chances like the penalty, the cross bar or this magnifiicient save of Cesar... damn, the quarters could have been easily decided for Bayern if they had been a bit more luck.

Unfortunately, they had not... and Real... I am speechless... so much possession, but not a single damn chance :) beside the goal. And that wasnt even a good chance either, Kahn really ****ed it up, and after this, he was probably bored to death by Reals tries of scoring a goal.

It wasnt a good match of Bayern either for almost 70 mins, but it was enough to overcome Real and create a lot of chances against this pathetic really pathetic defense.

I hope Salihamidzic will play from the beginning in the return leg :) It is always a joy to see Brazzo humiliating R. Carlos and show him what a limited player he is, what an underaverage defender he is if he has to face a skilled attacking winger on his side.
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What an amazing game. Just longing to be among the croud in the stadion.

Elber was magicial.
Effenberg should never again be allowed to take a penalty. I observed something. With the exception of the penalty shootout in the CL final his penalty kicks are always freakin' weak. He doesnt put enough power and spin into them. To some extend the same goes for his corner kicks and free kicks. He just "pushes" the ball. Sergio (or in the past Klinsmann) many times did the same thing. If the goalkeeper choses the right corner he has a very good chance to get the ball. Only players who know how to shoot should take penalties.
Rafo said:
As if we have many of those...
LOL you are right :D

Well, last season we had Scholl taking those and Brazzo disputing for him. Since Scholl missed the champion's league final penalty kick and Effenberg took the next one, Scholl has left the post to his Captain. I would have wished Brazzo had taken the penalty. He does take precise ones.

see you in Madrid!:)
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