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I know you must be kind of mourning right now, but I think that's a good analogy to the question I bear in my mind:
How will FC Porto react? How will they show themselves when facing the cool-blooded Germans?

I can see Pinto da Costa talking to the players encouraging them, and in fact Porto could have won last night's game if they were lucky. It was a hard game with danger to both goals. So I think they can recover.

The thing is: next Tuesday, will they show strength and quality to beat that aspirine-named team?

I have fear that the calm and practical spirit of Bayern is too much for the play Porto has shown in the last games, but if they play like they did some months ago, Bayer will have to supply an extra amount of aspirines to B.Munich's team...

Thanks, Game Rod, for that great picture!

let me throw a bit of controversy over yesterday's game: Porto scored a goal on the 8th minute of play. I watched the news in RTPi and the virtual images show that Clayton's direct shot from corner was ALL THE WAY IN when Bossio hit it into the post. Things could have been different. But these things happen...it's very hard for a ref to judge a play like that.

I think Porto will psychologically recover for tuesday. Will it be enough to win? I don't know.
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