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05/02/2000. Fiorentina president Vittorio
Checchi Gori stated today that his team's
Argentine superstar striker Gabriel Omar
Batistuta "is not for sale."

" Batistuta has a contract that binds him to
Fiorentina for a few more seasons, and we have
no intention of selling him," said Checchi Gori
minutes before entering the Italian Senate, where
he was ready to cast his vote in favor of the
newly formed Italian government.

Over the past weeks many teams were indicated as Batistuta's next
destination including Manchester United, Lazio, Inter, Roma, and Real

" In my life I have always been a man who keeps his word, and Batistuta has
a contract with Fiorentina. I could think of selling him if a team offered me in
exchange two players like him, but two players like him don't exist," added
the Fiorentina owner.
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