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I was just wonderring...
is soccer still the main(by far) sport in Yugoslavia, or has Basketball cought up in popularity?
I ask this because recently I saw an Internet Poll(for serbs) asking for their favurite sport, and more than half answerd Basket, while only about 30% said soccer...

I would also like to about the stiuation in greece

thank you :)

BTW/ buducnost lost yesterday :(

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PAOK lost as well...bye bye EuroLeague :(

Anyway,despite all the succes we have in Basketball,football was,is and will be number one here.Quite understandably since its a superior sport in all aspects.

personally,despite enjoying basketball as well,I go for football...ALL THE WAY!!!

By the way,which "greeks"? I am the only greek in here :(


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Im with Amoroso, I like basketball(because Buducnost is pretty good at it)but I quote Amoroso "Soccer is a supirior sport in all aspects. :)

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grobar..dude,, thanks for bringing this up..
i was gonna post a topic similar to this too..

.. a friend of mine spent two months in yugoslavia, and he said that basketball is
bigger than soccer there. according to him it's more like 70% baskt to 30% soccer. i find this hard to believe since i'm a soccer fan, although i play basketball more offen 'cause nobody cares about soccer here.. but i'd still take football as u guys call it, on any given day.

,,the following is off the topic, but i thought i would just like to mention it.. :)

yugoslavia is one my favourite team along with brasil... talented players who are not afraid to show their skills.

another off topic..

before the war.. how intense was the rivalry between red star and hadjuk split? was it like barca and real..or worst?? 'cause i can
just imagine with pride and nationalism involved, must be the feircest rivalry through out europe..or i could be wrong,,
tell me guys...i'm just curiose ..

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I'm not supprised by what your freind tells you,
When I was there about 6 years ago(not belgrade) soccer wasnt't played too much in our town, basket was the main sport there...

as for your red star-hadjuk split question...

I'm not sure(can any of you delije help him out?)

The Partizan-Red Star derby has always been the main game in Yugoslav sport as far as I know...
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